100 variants of 7nm chips from TSMC

While Intel is struggling with its own 10nm technological process, in 2019 the market will be powered by as many as 100 variants of 7nm chips from TSMC.

In recent years, the Taiwanese company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, known rather by the acronym TSMC, has become a true leader in terms of silicon chip production technology. It would not be possible without the right customers, among which there are giants recognizable even to laymen. Speech incl. about Apple, AMD, Nvidia or Qualcomm. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that due to this, the division of needs in relation to TSMC is enormous.

By the end of 2018, TSMC will be producing as many as 50 different types of 7nm chips, and a full 100 by 2019. This is due to the sheer dominance in the process that the company started building a few months earlier. The lack of competition from GlobalFoundries also added its three cents to this, which ultimately meant that this segment will provide TSMC with as much as 20% of all revenues by the end of this year. In turn, in the next year, the company will start playing with the same process, but of the second generation (7nm + EUV).

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Source: TechPowerUp
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