1660 in the Age of Mining, how the Budget card became not a budget card, but from this it is no less in demand! | Video Games | Reviews

1660 in the Age of Mining, how the Budget card became not a budget card, but from this it is no less in demand! | Video Games | Reviews

Good day everyone, today I would like to review one very interesting video card, namely the Palit GeForce GTX 1660 DUAL video card!

In our difficult time, when miners are buying up video cards, the shortage of semiconductors, the high growth of cryptocurrencies, and some other factors raise the cost of video cards, the 1660 is the best choice for gaming among the options on the market.

In general, I would like to note that all 1660 cards are an excellent purchase, as they have a low price relative to top models, mind you, I said about top models! This means that anyone can easily afford to buy this video card and enjoy good graphics on their PC.

There is not much to say about the appearance and assembly of this video card, but I will try. In general, I liked the design, the minimalism of our everything, especially in comparison with the thirtieth series of RTX from this manufacturer, namely GameRock, which glows with everything possible, this is certainly nice, but for me personally it is not very aesthetically pleasing, the same card, on the contrary, shows how you can make a laconic, minimalistic and attractive design. The only thing that upsets is the quality of the plastic used, at first glance and even then it looks very cheap and not very high quality, the disadvantages can also be attributed to the fact that it is not just cheap, but cheap glossy plastic, so absolutely everything will be visible on it …

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In terms of functionality, it was very upsetting that only 3 monitors could be connected, for such a card it would be possible to make a couple more connectors for connecting monitors. And right there I want to give credit for the fact that they supplied 3 types of different connectors: DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort. The good news is that no matter what monitor you have, you can easily connect it to this video card.

A few words about the performance of this video card. With intel core i5 9 * 10 * or AMD Ryzen 5 1 * 2 * 3 * processors on board, 16 GB of RAM, you can safely run all games at high settings or below high, and get at least quite playable frames, and at most super juicy picture in almost all games including many new items.

Here are some examples of tests in games:

Metro Exodus:       FullHD low -100-120 fps FullHD medium -60-65 fps.

The Witcher 3: FullHD low -250-280 fps FullHD hight -90-110 fps.

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Cyberpunk 2077:   HD low – 90-100 fps FullHD medium -50-61 fps.

RDR2:                    FullHD low -90-100 fps FullHD medium -70-80 fps.

PUBG:                    FullHD low -130-150 fps FullHD ultra -70-75 fps.

GTA V:                    FullHD low -150-160 fps QHD ultra -50-60 fps.

Far Cry 5:               FullHD low -110-130 fps FullHD ultra -80-85 fps.

In general, we have a very good video card in our realities, with an affordable price and good performance in terms of rubles to frames.

A few more words about the temperatures of this video card. In the drain, without overclocking in idle, the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, naturally in a good case (with good airflow), if the case is small and without a groove, then it is quite possible to see 40 degrees. In a load above 70 degrees, it does not rise from the word at all, with any body, unless of course you have it in a cardboard box without access to air at all. In extremely rare cases, I suppose, it can rise to 80 degrees, but only in very bad conditions. when overclocked, you can achieve an increase in performance by about 5-8%, and an increase in temperature by about 5% of the stock values.

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With the power consumption of this video card, everything is very, very good, the cards are absolutely undemanding to the power supply unit. Everything will work even if you have a good 450W power supply with 80 + Bronze certification.

Why this particular video card? And everything is very simple, Palit made a very budget card among all the available 1660 cards on the market. These friends simply reduced the price of the quality of the plastic with this cooling option, but the card works at standard temperatures and does not stand out among others in terms of heat dissipation, while the price in some moments is 2-5% lower than its competitors.

Let’s summarize. This video card nowadays allows you to play and work with 3D without any problems, with the exception of, of course, the functionality of the RTX series of video cards! Yes, it is a budget non-budget video card, but you will have to put up with this, because it makes no sense to wait for a miracle for two years, and buying a video card with a three-year warranty and not bothering about what will work out to play, and what not, I think it is more logical … Of course, you should choose, but again, you should not wait for a miracle.

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I hope my review was useful to you and helped you make your choice! All good and happy shopping!

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