2.7 million for a yacht in the metaverse. Ladies and gentlemen, it is already happening

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A few days ago we wrote about how this metaverse is going to become a very, very lucrative industry, because its valuation can reach up to a trillion dollars. You don’t believe? Look at another example of spending money on digital good because someone just paid $ 2.7 million for a yacht in the metaverse.

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A yacht was sold in the metaverse for PLN 2.7 million

Earlier this month, someone paid nearly $ 2.5 million for a digital plot of land in Decentraland, and now someone spent $ 65,000 on a yacht in the metaverse called The Sandbox. However, it was not just any yacht, because this super-luxurious with a DJ stand, a helipad or a hot tub. The deal included an NFT token in the metaverse where “players can build, own and earn from their gaming experience.”

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This purely virtual yacht was designed by Republic Realm, the metaverse and NFT innovation and investment platform, as part of the Fantasy Collection. In itself, it is said to be the most expensive digital asset on the entire platform. So here is the time when digital enjoyment is reaching a whole new level, as someone is able to spend not so much a few hundred zlotys on skins or packages with premium currency, but millions. How will it end? The future will show.