200 Mpix camera on a smartphone. The first will not be Samsung?

When Samsung announced its 200 Mpix sensor, we expected the company to release the first smartphone with such a powerful camera as well. Meanwhile, it may turn out that someone else will overtake them. And no, it won’t be Xiaomi.

Motorola can reach a record 200 Mpix in a new smartphone

I like racing phones. And that’s better charging technology, a better foldable display, or a better camera or technology. In terms of mobile photography, there is a huge field to show off, not only in terms of the number of Mpix. However, in this case, it seemed that with the announcement of the 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP1 sensor in September, Samsung would reach for it the fastest, leaving the competition very far behind.

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In this competition, we also took into account Xiaomi, because it was said that such a camera will go to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Currently, leaks indicate something else, as is the case with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In that case, who will provide us with a smartphone with a 200 Mpix camera?

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theakster Ice Universe it claims it will be Motorola. Only in the second half of 2022, Xiaomi will do it. When is Samsung? In 2023. This is a big surprise, because we did not expect such a move from Motorola. We are left to wait for more information, because it is not known yet which smartphone this sensor would go to.

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