2nd generation Ryzen Threadripper processors will offer as many as 32 cores

While Intel flaunts its 28-core processor for the HEDT consumer market, AMD is taking it to the next level. It just so happens that the 2nd generation Ryzen Threadripper series will offer not 16, but 32 cores with SMT technology support.

Probably each of you knows the AMD ideology initiated in the previous year, which in our native jargon we called a tactic “win the core!“. This, however, is effective not only in the case of Ryzen processors, but also Intel Core, which in the latest releases (Coffee Lake) began to offer slightly more physical cores. However, AMD deserves the title of a master in such practices, because the scalability offered by Zeppelin systems seems to be higher. Well, connecting two silicon cores together also does its job …

However, the second generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors on its laminate will combine as many as four CCX dies, which will ultimately result in 32 available cores. These, of course, work with the SMT multithreading technology, which gives the system as many as 64 threads. A weaker, 24-core system was also mentioned. All this is made using the 12nm technological process and the improved Zen architecture, i.e. Zen +. Just like the 2nd Generation Ryzen on the AM4.

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The newest Ryzen Threadrippers will thankfully work with earlier TR4 motherboards running the X399 chipset. However, a BIOS update will be required for this. Importantly, AMD’s presentation at Computex also raised the issue of thermal performance, and according to the company, this 32-core processor will be able to operate under load even with air cooling. It is even supposed to be available directly from the red ones, because they decided to create a special Wraith Ripper.

The 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper will hit the market sometime in the third quarter of this year. They will probably not be accompanied by a new chipset, and the question of price remains unknown. But I dare to doubt that it will exceed the $ 2,500 limit.

Source: Wccftech