3 APP to erase blemishes, lose weight, body

3 APP to erase blemishes, lose weight, body
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Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program for editing photos on a PC and some of its variants for mobile devices work well for photomontages, but not when it comes to enlarge or reduce parts of the body, slim down, remove stains or erase imperfections in general. Here its Photoshop Express version, which would be the most suitable for this task, pales a lot in comparison with other APPS, which although they do not have the same fame, are notably superior.

The big advantage of the applications below is that they are free (although not entirely) and very easy to use. They have specific tools to reduce waist, eliminate “love handles”, increase the bust, the “buttocks”, whiten or lighten your parts, etc. In short, edit your body and face. All this with a couple of taps, something that with other more general editors, such as mobile Photoshop itself, would take you more time (assuming you get the same result).

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This is probably the best and most complete application to retouch the body and face. The pioneer of its kind, if I’m not wrong, available for Android and iPhone.

As a body editor, several of its key tools like Resize, Reshape, and Stretch are free. With them you can increase the size of the legs to look taller or taller, eliminate fat or slim the waist. You can also increase the size of the buttocks, breasts and muscles.

Regarding the “Reshape” option, it allows you to reduce body parts and slim photos. That is, remove the chubby ones and the cellulitis. The same tool allows you to increase your body to see you more “prominent”. All you have to do is drag on the screen or “pinch”.

airbrush body

As for the face, you can erase spots and scars, whiten teeth, soften and achieve baby skin, change the tone or color of the skin, remove crow’s feet, brighten the look, etc. With the same tools you should be able to do other touch-ups, such as bleaching or lighten armpits.

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Some tools such as “Shaping”, which is used to lose weight or gain weight and give volume to some area of ​​your face to make it look perfect, require you to unlock them with actions such as sharing the app, or buying a subscription. It can also free you from advertising.

Its “Reshape” function is more intuitive than that of AirBrush, because it has specific submenus to slim the waist, enlarge parts, increase the height or put on abs.

As seen in their illustrations, the option to increase chest muscles (or breasts) offers an appropriate circular tool. In the same way, to enlarge buttocks through the «Hip» tool.

It offers some predetermined muscles that you can mount on your body, such as six pack abs, pecs and biceps. As for the face there are colored eyes, beard and hair. Some of these montages are free and others can be unlocked by watching videos or buying the annual subscription.

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Another tool quite (too) identical to Polish is Body Editor, with a great rating and number of downloads as well.

This app also offers similar and specific tools for shaping parts of the body. It is definitely not just another clone, not only because of its more colorful design, but also because it offers additional options to remove blemishes, blemishes and tools to edit the face that Polish and Body Editor do not offer.

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