32 GB of 4000 MHz DDR4 memory with CL15 timing from G.Skill

32 GB of 4000 MHz DDR4 memory with CL15 timing from G.Skill

G.Skill announced a memory kit Very low latency DDR4 and high speed DDR4-4000 CL15-16-16-16-36 in configuration from 32 GB (8 GB x4), both in version Trident Z that Trident Z Royal with RGB lighting.

These high performance memory kits are made with memory chips Samsung B-die that allow you to get one CL15 latency with a DDR4-4000 speed.

G.Skill, with this new kit, goes to further improve the performance of its low latency DDR4-4000, which previously could reach a maximum of CL17.

This new 32GB DDR4-4000 CL15-16-16-16-36 memory kit (8GB x4) requires “less than 1.5 V“, And its operation has been validated on the MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard (available for about 280 euros), paired with an Intel Core i7-9700K processor.

Lower CAS latency typically means an increase in bandwidth performance, not only on the Intel platform shown by the manufacturer but also on AMD Ryzen platforms.

Normally, the bandwidth of the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor with a classic DDR4-3200 CL14 kit would be around 50 GB / s in AIDA64 (read).

G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4000 CL15-16-16-16-36 on Intel platform

With the new DDR4-4000 CL15 memory kit, bandwidth can reach 61 GB / s in AIDA64 with some additional optimizations, as shown in the following screenshot with the MSI X570 UNIFY motherboard and the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor.

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This new memory kit with very low latency and high performance supports Intel XMP 2.0, Extreme Memory Profile, which allows these RAM modules, when used on the Intel platform, to be easily overclocked.

G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4000 CL15-16-16-16-36 on AMD platform

The kit in the Trident Z and Trident Z Royal versions will be available worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2019. The price is currently unknown.