4 APPS applications to block calls on an Android cell phone

4 APPS applications to block calls on an Android cell phone
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There are multiple reasons why anyone would like block calls on Android with the aim of preventing an annoying or impertinent person from calling constantly, or even to avoid harassment or extortion over the phone.

For these situations, an app is not necessary since Android incorporates its own call blocking system. However, if such a system is insufficient for your needs or does not meet your expectations, you can help yourself with advanced applications such as the following, which allow you to control the incoming of calls to our phone, either hanging up or sending the call to the mailbox. They even offer us the ability to block text messages and add exceptions to always allow our friends and family to have no problem calling.

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Is a free alternative, although maintained by advertising, which is very simple to use. It offers support to block calls and SMS (we can choose to block one of the two things, or both at the same time), and it allows us to block adding numbers to a black list or black list.

These numbers can be added through the contact book, call list or message list, as well as manually indicating the number. Obviously, these numbers will be blocked; those who are not on this list will be able to call without problems.


This is one of the applications that, in addition to everything mentioned, also allows you to block calls from unknown numbers. Essential option in case of our problem are calls from private numbers.



Free but with advertising, it is just another excellent option since it also allows us block calls and SMS.

We will not have problems using it as it is quite intuitive. Just install and open. We will see icons that allow us to go directly to block calls or block text messages, both separately. When entering any of them, you only have to add the contacts or numbers that we want to block to a Black List, and those that don’t, to a White List.

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Likewise, there are several ways to add contacts to be blocked or not, through the phonebook, call log, or SMS log, and, of course, directly adding the number.

The paid version of this application offers us additional features, such as the possibility of making SMS and call log private.

send call voicemail android call blocker

At the time it was one of the best, most complete and advanced applications to block calls on Android. It offers several blocking methods (hang up, answer, hang up, airplane mode and mute) support to block all numbers, except those configured in a white list, only block numbers configured in a black list and create profiles, to choose them quickly at certain times and circumstances.

Unfortunately it is in English. If you prefer something in Spanish, try the other alternatives in this list.


It is a free application without advertising, which allows us to block unwanted calls, adding the phone numbers to be blocked. The application allows us to choose what will be made with calls from these numbers: hang up or send to the mailbox. We simply have to choose the appropriate tab for each of these actions (Hang Up, Voicemail and Exceptions, respectively), and add a number to that tab. The exceptions tab is for numbers that you don’t want to block, of course.

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The most obvious way to add a number to these lists is by typing the number, although there are also other ways, such as adding it through the list of recent calls or messages, through the phonebook, among other options.


To know when the application has acted, we are shown a notification every time a call has been blocked (hung or sent to mailbox).

To make the application work, you just have to install and then verify the country in which we are (adding the respective country code and our number). To add numbers immediately, you must use the prohibition symbol located at the top right of the interface.

Note that it is also capable of blocking SMS with this app.

How to block calls WITHOUT apps

Depending on the Android phone, it is possible that in some cases block calls without using apps. For example, those who have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, Xperia T, HTC One and LG Optimus G, definitely do not need this type of third-party applications for this task, since they already have native functions incorporated for it. AndroidAuthority has some screenshots on how to block calls on these Android phones.

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Our phone number can fall into the wrong hands, even if we do not consent to it or disclose it without caution. These applications to block calls on Android are effective when we need a certain person to stop bothering us on the phone. Although they are not necessarily the final solution, they will at least work to prevent incoming calls from known phone numbers. Coupled with careful disclosure of our number, we will be more than calm most of the time, with no intrusive calls.

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