A new era is coming for Intel. This is what the president says

Recently, there was an interview with two important personalities (CEO and CFO) of Intel, namely Pat Gelsinger (photo above) and George Davis, to whom Pierre Ferragu asked a number of questions. Then the president of Intel said about two important things.

We were left behind, but now we are coming out of the shadows – this is how you can sum up the words of Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

The aforementioned two answered various questions about the current market situation in which Intel found itself and how the company intends to fight not only in the field of processors, but also graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.

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We already know that in the case of CPU Intel, it will conquer the Alder Lake family on the consumer market, and the professional Xeon Scalable of the new generation. In the case of the GPU, we can count on Intel ARC graphics cards with Alchemist cores, while the professional market will receive accelerators with Ponte Vecchio and Xe-HP Arctic Sound graphics processors.

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During the interview, the current president of Intel admitted that the company is now entering “a period in which it will be very competitive” after a period in which it was “lagging behind”. He further stated that “the company has a GPU architecture with which it will be able to put pressure on NVIDIA for the first time in history,” and made it clear that the coming years would be revolutionary for Intel and its products.

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