A new power connector for PCI Express 5.0 video cards, the confirmation of ASUS

A new power connector for PCI Express 5.0 video cards, the confirmation of ASUS

The rumors about the arrival of a new power connector (capable of handling up to 600 Watts) for the future schede video PCI Express 5.0 find direct confirmation from ASUS. During the event “ASUS ROG Break All Limits“, the Taiwanese company has unveiled the new line of ROG Thor power supplies at very high power and efficiency, but most of all stated that these products are also compatible with PCI Express 5.0 video cards which will be equipped with a single 12-pin power connector.

“The PCI Express 5.0 standard includes a new high capacity auxiliary connector that has 12 conductors on a single cable. To ensure compatibility with components using this future connector, we include a cable in the box of every ROG Thor power supply“said ASUS. During the presentation, the company took the GeForce RTX 3090 NVIDIA as an example of a power-hungry video card, peaking in demand by well 940 Watt perfectly manageable by its new power supplies.

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So let’s expect the arrival of video cards equipped with the new connector (it is rumored for example of an RTX 3090 Ti / SUPER) during the next year. As for ROG Thor power supplies, the company is preparing to introduce the Thor Platinum II 1000W in mid-November this year, while the 1200W version will arrive later this year, along with the ROG Thor 1600W Titanium. In Q1 2022, instead, the debut of the ROG Thor Platinum II 850W is expected.

ROG Thor power supplies are designed to run quietly (the fan remains stationary) with up to 50% load. When this threshold is crossed, a new 135mm axial fan comes into play to quickly and quietly cool internal components. Low noise is guaranteed by the certification Lambda A++ (noise less than 15 dBA) by Cybenetics.

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