A Russian modder got ahead of Nvidia and put 12GB of VRAM in his RTX 2060

Nvidias RTX 2060 12GB looks promisi... x
Nvidias RTX 2060 12GB looks promising

Everything indicates that Nvidia will launch its RTX 2060 12GB this December 7, although this Russian modder known as “VIK-on” did not want to wait, and modified its standard RTX 2060 with 6GB so that it has 12GB of VRAM. Basically VIK-on’s job consisted of desoldering the six 1GB GDDR6 chips that the graphics card has by default, and replacing them with six 2GB GDDR6 chips, doubling their VRAM.

RTX 2060 12GB from Russia with love)

This is not the first time that VIK-on has made these types of modifications, as it previously modified an RTX 2080 Ti to have 22GB of VRAM, an RTX 2070 to have 16GB of VRAM, and an RTX 3070 to have 16GB of VRAM. As in the previous occasions, the graphics works perfectly, although occasionally the screen can go black if it is not placed in high-performance mode in the Nvidia control panel.

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Apparently in the first VIK-on tests, this RTX 2060 12GB offers exactly the same performance as with 6GB, although it was sent to the specialized site Pro-Tech for further testing and analyzing whether there is any improvement or not.

What do you think about this modification to put 12GB in an RTX 2060? Do you think the official launch of these models will make sense?

Source: VIK-on