A turning point? Bitcoin has risen from the dead, but his future divides the world, experts have revealed what to expect

Bitcoin ended the year 2021, during which it gained wider acceptance and its price reached a new record, a decline. However, it remains a highly volatile asset and even cryptomen experts do not know exactly what development awaits it in 2022.

From December 2020 to April 2021, the value bitcoinu more than tripled and reached $ 60,000 (€ 52,975.45). It reached a record high of $ 69,000 in early November, but then weakened significantly, closing 2021 well below $ 50,000.

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During December bitcoin Although it weakened by 19%, which was its sharpest monthly decline since May, but for the whole of 2021 it gained 60%. According to CoinMarketCap, on Saturday around 4.30 pm CET, it traded with a loss of 1.72% (in 24 hours) after USD 47,149.96.


The current volatile trading without a clear direction with the possibility of further downward pressure “has caused a lot of uncertainty in the digital asset market,” said Loukas Lagoudis, head of the ARK36 cryptocurrency investment fund.

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However, he added that the continued uptake of digital assets by institutional investors and their further integration into the traditional financial system will drive the growth of crypto assets during 2022.

Bitcoin According to many experts and economists, it has been a turning point, during which it gained wider acceptance, became part of the mainstream and gained more interest from financial professionals and the public.

TIAA Bank ‘s Chief Market Officer Chris Gaffney pointed to year – end volatility and bitcoin continues to be a speculative asset. This view is shared by the Governor of the Bank of England, who has expressed serious concerns about the future of bitcoin and has even indicated that the cryptocurrency is it can become completely worthless.


However, many point out that the current decline of 30% from the record high is weaker compared to its previous falls. According to Bespoke Investment Group, previous record weaknesses averaged 46%. For example, in the middle of last year bitcoin temporarily lost more than 50%. Fans bitcoinu they expect it to recover and rise to a new record.

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Some analysts are stifling optimism. One reason is the gradual tightening of cryptocurrency regulation around the world, as well as China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining. Despite them, however, bitcoin in December set a new significant record.

However, Bitcoin is gradually losing its dominant position among digital currencies as the industry as a whole expands rapidly. According to analysts, it is affected by the second largest cryptomena, ethereum. The binance coin strengthened most significantly in 2021 (almost 1,300%).

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