Activision fires at least 12 Call of Duty quality testers

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Call of Duty: Vanguard It has also suffered a rather murky launch, to the point that it is the Call of Duty that has generated the least noise in recent years and their ratings are around 3 points out of 10 on all platforms, and this seems to have had consequences, to the point that Activision has carried out a cleaning of workers linked to the quality tests of this franchise.

As indicated, at least 12 QA Workers at Raven Software, one of the leading Call of Duty development studios, have been laid off this weekend, and it is indicated that during the next week this number may increase.

According to The Washington Post, Activision first told these testers that they were going to be transferred to a new company, with better bonuses and a salary increase of $ 1.50 an hour, but they were eventually fired. One of the QA testers told the newspaper that not even his own project manager knew there were going to be layoffs. Unsurprisingly, and looking at what’s happening over the past few weeks at Activision Blizzard, the company did not respond to the newspaper’s request for a reply.

“Right now I’m heartbroken. My friends in Raven’s QA department were promised, for months, that Activision was working on a salary restructuring to increase their salaries,” tweeted Austin O’Brien, associate manager of the community of Raven. “Today, one by one, valued team members have been called to meetings and told that they were going to be fired.”

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