Acute Angle – The blockchain phone launched by Huobi

Acute Angle - The blockchain phone launched by Huobi

Huobi Global has announced the launch of a cheaper blockchain phone in China and Southeast Asia. The Acute Angle smartphone includes features for crypto enthusiasts that cost $ 515 and is produced by the Whole Network start-up.

Acute Angle, based on Android, is considering a wide range of features built for cryptocurrency traders. These include a programmable notification feature that alerts the user when certain market conditions are met. Acute Angle Notifications work even when the phone is locked, allowing users to keep up to date with market trends. The device also incorporates an innovative feature of rewarding users with the NODE token simply for using and interacting with the crypto community on the phone.

In addition, Acute Angle includes a built-in wallet application and an optional wallet with optional plug-in, a wide range of pre-installed blockchain applications, including Huobi applications and crypto news applications. It also has a dedicated blockchain app store.

Huobi is investing in blockchain phones

Huobi Global has invested in the Whole Network start-up and also listed the NODE token on its platforms.

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Huobi Global CEO Livio Weng said blockchain-based phones have a bright future:

“We believe that blockchain phones are a promising area for the future development of the blockchain industry. As the industry develops and as innovations such as 5G become more and more integrated into our telecommunications systems, we believe that more and more crypto communities will want to trade from mobile devices. “

The blockchain can be purchased with the Huobi token, HT, at a much lower price than similar Galaxy S10 and Finney devices.

Acute Angle is the first in a future line of blockchain-based phones from the Whole Network. Huobi also plans to include 5G capability for future smartphones.

Acute Angle is currently available in China, and will be released in Southeast Asia by the end of the year. Huobi promises that it will be launched in the United States and Europe in the near future.

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