Alan Wake Remastered announced, will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC

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Without surprises in between, today the Alan Wake Remastered, which as you can imagine is the remastered version of the game released 11 years ago. Being a remastering do not expect notable improvements, unless clear RayTracing is incorporated, since it is the typical game that this technology suits very well.

Summarizing, the game will be available on all consolesexcept for the Nintendo Switch, while its version for PC will be linked to an exclusivity with the Epic Games Store. The game is coming this fall.

“This is for you.

I am more than happy to tell you that at the time of writing this, Alan Wake Remastered is about to be completed. Confirmed, Announced, in Collaboration with Epic Games Publishing. Multi platform. PC on the Epic Games Store, Xbox and, for the first time, PlayStation, this generation and the previous one.

This is for you. Alan Wake was released over 11 years ago, and in all this time you have told us over and over again how much you love the game, the story, the characters and the plot. And that matters a lot to us. We love this game too. I love this game. The remaster comes thanks to your support of Alan Wake over the years. That’s why we thought it appropriate to make this announcement here at The Sudden Stop, which has been an integral part of the Remedy community since 2012, when it began as an Alan Wake fan site. The Remedy community wouldn’t be what it is today without The Sudden Stop, and we wanted to show our gratitude by talking about Alan Wake Remastered right here. So thank you Rachel, and everyone else, for supporting Remedy and our games all these years.

At the beginning of the game, Alan Wake says: “In a horror story, the victim does not stop wondering why, but there can be no explanation, and there should not be, the unanswered mystery is what remains with us the longest, and it’s what we remember in the end. ” This is an idea that interests me a lot. The stories that make me think move me, the stories in which everything is not given to me for free or wrapped in an orderly way, in which a mystery remains. Mysteries are magical to me, they hold promise, and I am often more content with that than with a final answer. This is what we as a team, and I as the lead writer for Alan Wake, set out to create for you a long time ago.

This story and this character were personal in many ways. Alan Wake, being a writer himself, gave me the opportunity to use what I do and love as a writer as an element of the story. Alan Wake also contained the mystery of forests and lakes, which are precious to me as a Finn. And, instead of a horror tale focused on a single note, it was this strange and even wasteful mix of horror, humor and supernatural mystery. I also love it because it turned out to be a very difficult game to make, with a lot of difficulties along the way, and that makes me even more proud of what we achieved.

The original game was only available for Xbox 360 and, a few years later, for PC. We are delighted to have the opportunity to release the remastered version for a new generation of platforms. I am eager to know what you think of Alan Wake. “

Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience that you fell in love with so many years ago. We didn’t want to change that. But the visuals, including Alan Wake’s character model and cutscenes, have been updated and improved with some next-gen enhancements.

Alan Wake Remastered will be released this fall. Stay tuned for more information shortly.

This is for you. I hope you enjoy it, either again, as if you are meeting an old friend, or for the first time.


Sam Lake, Director Creativo, Remedy Entertainment”

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