Allegro Pay finally goes to all users

After a year of testing, Allegro Pay is finally available to every Allegro user.

Everyone can use Allegro Pay

In July last year, a new payment method appeared on Allegro – Allegro Pay. Thanks to this service, we can defer the payment for the purchased product. The maximum amount here is PLN 4,200 and it is the total value of purchases under this option. Payment can be postponed for 30 days or even divided into installments. Allegro informs that if we use Allegro Smart! and we will divide the amount into three installments, we do not incur any additional costs. However, if we are preparing larger purchases, we can repay the amount spent in 5, 10 or even 20 installments.

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To use this option, it is necessary to complete the application, and only after its acceptance, and after Allegro has granted a specific pool of funds, we can start using Allegro Pay.

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Since July last year, this function has been available to tens of thousands of users as part of tests. These are over and now any user will be able to take advantage of it. The website states that only in the second quarter of this year, loans amounting to PLN 347 million were granted under Allegro Pay. So you can see that Poles like this form of payment very much, which is hardly surprising. It is very convenient, especially for larger purchases, which usually put a heavy burden on our wallet.

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