Always switch to just once, complete action

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Always switch to just once, complete action
– Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

When you install two or more applications that are similar or capable of fulfilling the same function on your Android device, the system will ask you with which application you want to open, run or complete a certain actionWhether it’s opening a file, viewing a link, displaying a location, etc. The goal of setting up a preferred appThe default or default is to avoid this question constantly and have the action performed automatically and immediately with your favorite application.

For example, if you have two applications to open a PDF or documents in general, such as Office and Drive, you can configure one of them so that each time you touch on a document FOREVER that document will automatically open in the application you set as the default. If you have Uber and Google Maps, you will probably want to set the latter as the default when you want to see the locations that are sent to you by WhatsApp.

How to change the default schedule to open files on Android, documents, video, music, etc.

To always use the same application

change default application step 2 change default application step 3 change default application step 4

Above: How to set Adobe Reader as default on Android (Huawei)

To set an application as the default, so that it is always the one that performs a task and that the Android system does not ask you every time with which application you want to complete an action, do the following:

  1. Settings.
  2. Applications.
  3. Default apps.
  4. Select the default application from the list of available actions.
Default app settings on Samsung

Default apps settings screen on Samsung

Obviously, if you no longer want Android to use that application automatically, you can return to this screen and configure a new application.

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Change from always to just once (Complete action by)

change from always to just once 1 change from always to just once 2 change from always to just once 3

Let’s say you accidentally chose Uber as the default app and because of this every time you touch a location on WhatsApp it opens with Uber and not with Google Maps, which is the app you want to use.

The above will not help you to eliminate Uber and make Google Maps the default app, because the system does not offer this possibility. Therefore the solution is something different:

  1. Settings
  2. Applications
  3. Select the default app you want to change. In our example, Uber.
  4. Tap on “Set as default” (Samsung) or “Open by default” (Huawei).
  5. Tap on “Remove or Clear Defaults.”
open whatsapp location in google maps

The “Complete action by” or “Open with” window allows you to choose with which app to perform an action on Android. In this case, we can open a WhatsApp location on Google Maps by default (“Always”) or use Uber for “Just once”.

After doing this, touch the WhatsApp location again and the window will pop up Complete action by O To open with shown above, to choose Google Maps. You will have to touch on the option «Forever»To choose it as the default or«Just once»So that the next time Android will ask you again which app you want to use.

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Other ways to reverse “Always” or “Just this time”

In the event that the option “Delete default values” (Step 5) does not appear or is disabled, the alternative is to reset the application. To do this, after doing “Step 3”, touch the “Storage” option and then “Delete data.”

This option to change «Just once” O “Forever»Is also usually displayed when you install a new application that performs some action in common with another that you already have installed. In our Uber and Google Maps example, if you install Waze (another map app), you should see that dialog, even if you haven’t done any of the above.

There is also an app, Better Open With, which basically replaces the Android system’s “Complete Action Using” or “Open With” function or dialog with its own window. Its advantage is that you can configure more specifically which applications to use. For example, you can configure which apps you will use to open particular files such as images, PDFs, Word files, Excel, etc.

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