AMD CPU at 30% in the Steam survey, increasingly popular with gamers

AMD CPU at 30% in the Steam survey, increasingly popular with gamers

The CPU AMD have reached the share of 30% in the survey Hardware & Software di Steam in the month of May. Although it is good to remember that this is an optional participation survey, and that the scope of the sample being analyzed is not known, however it is important to get an idea trends purchase in terms of hardware by gamers.

For many months, AMD’s processors have been gnawing market share from Intel solutions and in the latest survey we record the transition from 29.48% in April to 30.13% in May, a half point that brings Intel CPUs down by 69.86% from 70.51% in April.

It would be interesting to know the models that are driving AMD’s growth the most, but above all to understand where the survey participants play, whether on desktop PCs or notebooks. Steam doesn’t offer us these details, but it does tell us that gamers on Windows mostly use CPUs with 4 (40.62%), six (30.39%) or 8 cores (13.1%).

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The situation is different for AMD in the video card sector, where the company just doesn’t seem to be able to counteract its rival Nvidia. Jensen Huang’s company has a share of over 75.6%, while AMD stops at 16.1%. The GeForce GTX 1060 still remains the most popular video card with a share of 8.95% (down 0.32%), followed by the GTX 1050 Ti (6.71%), the GTX 1650 (5.66%) and the RTX 2060 (5%). In this time of severe GPU shortage, the RTX 3070 is the most widespread new generation solution with 1.48% (+ 0.1% between April and May), followed by the RTX 3080 with 0.9% (+ 0.05%).

The RTX 3060 Ti and 3090 are at 0.40% and 0.38% (with a growth of 0.01% for both), while the GeForce RTX 3060 grows by 0.10% to 0.27%. It should be noted that the “RTX 3060 Laptop GPU” also enters the survey with 0.21%. No Radeon RX 6000 listed on Steam, which paints a situation of shortage of products on the market that is even more marked than the GeForce proposals.

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