AMD discusses the details of the Zeppelin cores

AMD decided to delve into the features and elements of Zeppelin cores at this year’s ISSCC 2018 fair. Such a term may not tell you much, so it’s worth taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the craftsmanship of engineers “red”.

Zeppelin“Is the code name for the core of the silicon cores that make up all AMD processors in the new series. This means that you will find this chip in every EPYC, Threadripper and Ryzen chip. Information about it is not common, so the company decided to reveal some secrets about it. Zeppelin was created with the versatility in mind, which it was to provide in the server segment, HEDT and mainstream, where it is characterized by high performance and energy efficiency.

The entire Zeppelin silicon chip consists of two CCX blocks that have four second and third level Zen cores. Ultimately, this gives a single chip of 8 Zen x86 cores with access to 4MB of L2 memory and a total of 16MB of L3 that can support dual-channel DDR4 modules up to a maximum of 256GB. In turn, the number of available PCIe lines is 32. The full range of these possibilities can be seen, for example, in the Ryzen 7 1800X. However, the Threadripper series processors can boast of two “Zeppelinami”, And those from the EPYC family – four.

In the latter two, the Zeppelin cores are connected to each other by an Infinity Fabric link. This means that the laminate has not one, but four silicon cubes, which is called the MCM system. This solution allows for a significant reduction in production costs and the possibility of easy scaling of individual processors. The EPYC and Threadripper series have 4,094 pins supported by 534 Infinity Fabric connections.

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We must remember that the above information is only a jumble of the most important details about the Zeppelin cores. If you are interested in the details of the work they offer, let us know in the comments, and in the future we will certainly try to provide a refined guide in the form of a discussion about them.