AMD, FidelityFX Super Resolution on the new Xbox and (perhaps) more

AMD, FidelityFX Super Resolution on the new Xbox and (perhaps) more

At Computex 2021 AMD released the first details on FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), its spatial upscaling technique that aims to deliver higher frame rates while retaining a level of detail and image resolution similar to the original settings. The debut set for June 22nd.

Seen by many as the answer to Nvidia’s DLSS – and in fact it, although it works differently – FSR presents itself as a agnostic solution, then not limited to video cards from AMD like DLSS for those of Nvidia. While waiting for all the relevant information in two weeks, some details have emerged regarding FSR and supported products.

As for AMD, FSR will be supported by the models Radeon RX 6000, RX 5000, RX 500, RX Vega and all AMD Ryzen processors with integrated Radeon graphics. Not only, on Reddit AMD also stated compatibility with cards such as theRadeon RX 470 and the RX 480. Regarding Nvidia, FSR should run smoothly on the latest RTX 3000, the previous RTX 2000 and GTX 1600 based on Turing architecture and, as suggested by Computex, also on the GeForce GTX 1000 (not clear if all models, but certainly up to the widespread GTX 1060 ).

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Not even to be excluded support from future Intel video cards, recently returned to the headlines thanks to a tweet from Raja Koduri. precisely the mega boss of the architectures of the US giant not to exclude compatibility with AMD FSR, with a tweet in which he expresses interest and explains how the capabilities of the Xe HPG architecture of future dedicated GPUs allow to manage that type of technology. Among other things, it is rumored that Intel is working on its own solution, alongside FSR and DLSS.

Finally, given that the console of this generation are based on an AMD SoC with graphics derived from the RDNA 2 architecture of the Radeon RX 6000 GPUs. The AMD website talks about “broad API support”, citing DirectX 12, Vulkan and DirectX 11. “Once released, FSR can be ported to different platforms without restrictions“writes AMD leaving every door open.

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And into that door that Microsoft seems to want to slip into with Xbox Series X | S. The company has expressed interest and hinted at the arrival of news in the future (the other FidelityFX effects they are supported by the Microsoft Console Game Development Kit). “At Xbox, we are excited about the potential of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology as another great way for developers to boost frame rates and resolution. We will share more on this shortly“Microsoft spokesman a IGN.

No comments have been received from Sony for now, but it is plausible that a landing of FSR on Xbox Series X | S could lead to the arrival of technology also on Playstation 5. It remains to be understood in what mode FSR will be supported by consoles, in fact on PC they are foreseen four modes with different levels of image degradation and corresponding increase in performance: perhaps users will be left with full choice, on the other hand consoles are now PCs.

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