AMD Navi 31 GPU based on RDNA3 completed. The flagship is no longer changed

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It seems that from today all the rumors and leaks about the AMD Navi 31 will be more credible to us, because unofficially it is said that the AMD Navi 31 GPU project based on RDNA3 has been completed. This means that in the future any information about him will not be burdened with potential changes in the structure and its possibilities.

The AMD Navi 31 GPU project based on RDNA3 has reportedly been completed

With its debut in the second half of 2022, the graphics card with the Navi 31 core will be unique. The game will include a non-monolithic graphics processor in the form of MCM (Multi-Chip-Module), which as the flagship AMD new generation graphics core can have up to 15,360 FP32 cores. The reason for this is not only a correction on the architectural side, but also the presence of not the traditional single physical core in the package, but as many as two silicon matrices connected to each other.

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According to earlier information, after switching to the new core design, AMD will depart from the term CU (Computing Units) in favor of WGP, i.e. Workgroup Processors. In the case of Navi 31 there will be 30 for one matrix (GPD – Graphics Core Die) and each of these WGPs is to have 256 processors, which after fast math 2 * 30 * 256 gives the whole 15360 of the shading units mentioned.

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At least that’s what has been said so far and something could have changed in this matter, because only now according to one of the leakers known for several months on the “scene” gentlemanAMD has completed the AMD Navi 31 GPU project based on RDNA3.

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