AMD przemianuje FreeSync 2 na FreeSync 2 HDR

AMD przemianuje FreeSync 2 na FreeSync 2 HDR

AMD FreeSync technology was a specific response to competing G-Sync modules, but the price of its implementation was much lower than the Nvidia solution. Nay! It got an improved version, with the nomenclature of which there were little problems.

However, the company plans to change this. The first version of FreeSync technology was simple by design – to free screens from undesirable phenomena like screen tearing and stuttering. All this to praise the perfect image quality, which consisted in a seemingly simple solution, i.e. synchronizing the refresh rate of the monitor with the frames per second generated by the graphics card.

However, the second edition of FreeSync, enigmatically referred to as FreeSync 2, gave this technology a bit of flavor. I am talking about support for HDR, which does not need to be introduced to anyone, and LFC. The latter abbreviation is derived from Low Framerate Compensation and improves game performance at low FPS. Now, however, AMD has decided to change the name from FreeSync 2 to FreeSync 2 HDR to explain the most important addition immediately. This change will be introduced in the near future.

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Source: guru3d