AMD Radeon HD 7570M video card review :Test | Specs | CPU | Config

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AMD Radeon HD 7570M video card review
: -If you are looking for information relating to the Specs, Hashrate, CPU performance, configuration, benchmark and also a testing of this SSD Drive. We will go into more details as it regards to the testing in the article below.

The video card for notebooks AMD Radeon HD 7570M belongs to the class of entry-level mobile video adapters, it is based on the same chip as the Radeon HD 6630M, so it is based on 40nm. Northern Islands architecture. The video card has 400 stream processors, which are still based on the “old” 5D architecture as the 5000 series.

The memory interface of this video card is only 64 bits, this suggests that the Radeon HD 7570M, although it has support for DirectX 11 and Shader 5.0, nevertheless, there are not enough stars from the sky, its performance is quite enough for computer games if you play on low graphics settings and low display resolutions. The video card supports UVD3 – a video decoder that can decode the following formats: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, Flash, Multi-View Codec (MVC), MPEG-4 Part 2 (DivX, Xvid) HD video. It is also worth noting that the HD 7500 series has an HD Audio audio controller that delivers audio (TrueHD and DTS Master Audio) via HDMI and DisplayPort. There is also support for AMD HD3D technology, an analogue of NVIDIA 3D Vision, which provides support for Blu-kay 3D and 3D displays (internal and external). Provided the laptop has the right amount of DisplayPort outputs, the HD 7570M graphics chip can connect up to five monitors at the same time, thanks to Eyefinity technology. The performance in gaming applications is about 20% lower than that of the Radeon HD 6630M video card, for example, games such as Starcraft 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 run freely on medium graphics settings and a display resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Highly demanding games like Metro 2033 and Elder Scrolls V should only run on the lowest settings.

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AMD Radeon HD 7570М
AMD Radeon
ATI Radeon HD7000
Thames-Pro / XT
400 universal processors
Core clock speed
450-650 MHz
Shader frequency
450-650 MHz
Memory frequency
800 900MHz
Memory bus width
Page 64
Memory type
Memory Amount
DirectX 11, Shader 5.0

When testing the video card, we used a classic set of test packages. The main tool for measuring performance was the popular synthetic benchmark 3Dmark and naturally gaming applications.

Synthetic tests

  • 3DMark (2011) – Performance GPU: 1255
  • 3DMark (2013) – Ice Storm Standard Graphics: 40338
  • 3DMark (2013) – Cloud Gate Standard Graphics:4081
  • 3DMark (2013) – Fire Strike Standard Graphics: 569