AMD Radeon Pro, Navi 21 arrives: first photos for a future professional card

AMD Radeon Pro, Navi 21 arrives: first photos for a future professional card

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Not just consumer video cards, at home AMD work is also being done on the family’s new professional proposals Radeon PRO. Photos of a new Navi GPU-based model flanked by 16GB of GDDR6 memory as the best Radeon RX 6000 leaked on the Chinese forum Chip bright.

At the moment the exact technical specifications of the chip are not known, but the single fan and dual slot blower cooling system suggests that it could be a Navi 21 GPU with fewer active stream processors than the chip’s potential and lower frequencies than gaming solutions to maintain adequate operating temperatures and consume less.

L’engineering sample in question sees a shift of the power connectors (two 8-pin) from the side to the front and other differences in the location of the various components on the PCB. Looking at the back of the GPU it seems to be a Navi 21 solution. Based on the few known details, the other features that can be deduced are the 256-bit bus and the presence of 128 MB of Infinity Cache.

This card should be part of a larger family, designed to challenge Nvidia RTX (formerly Quadro) GPU Ampere-based proposals. At the moment it is not clear when AMD will unveil the new professional range: the latest Radeon Pro solution presented dates back to last May, so perhaps we are not that far away.

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