AMD Radeon R9 “Gemini” with dual Fiji chips will be released in December

After three launches of graphics cards based on the Fiji circuit, one remains, and that is AMD’s next flagship with dual graphics processors. The company promised from the beginning to release the card during the autumn, but has missed the launch window after midnight when November becomes December.

Now Videocardz reports that AMD is planning a special event in December for the graphics card, but whether it is a launch or just an announcement is not known. Furthermore, previous information indicates that the graphics card will have the commercial name Radeon R9 Gemini, the Latin name for the zodiac sign Gemini, and not the Radeon R9 Fury X2 as it was first speculated.

The specifications are not known, but the fact that AMD previously talked about a computing power of 16 TFLOPS indicates that there will be two full-scale circuits in Fiji with 8,196 stream processors. To reach the value, a clock frequency of at least 977 MHz is required, however, it is likely that AMD will go to 1,000 MHz.

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For video memory, it is about the stacked memory architecture HBM. If nothing unexpected has happened, it will be 4 GB per graphics circuit and a clock frequency of 500 MHz (1,000 MHz efficient), which together with a 4,096-bit memory bus gives a bandwidth of 512 GB / s.

A more concrete piece of the puzzle in this context is the fact that AMD showed the circuit board, which measures an estimated 21–22 centimeters. In addition to being impressively small for a graphics card in the top tier, it suggests that AMD will use a bespoke, enclosed water cooler to handle heat generation.

Something else that suggests that the launch is close in time DICE developer Johan Andersson wrote on Twitter that he recently received an unlicensed graphics card, with a broken water cooler.