AMD Radeon Vega Instinct the world’s first 7nm GPU

Radeon Vega Instinct

AMD enters the professional and machine learning market. The package with the Vega Instinct graphics core and HBM2 memory stacks presented at this year’s Computex is a kind of phenomenon on a global scale. It will play its role in the newest Radeon Instinct Vega cards.

By far the most important change of Vega Instinct is the transition from 14 to 7nm technological process. This offers about 35% higher efficiency and even twice the energy efficiency, which translates into half the power consumption and consequently the temperatures achieved. The size of the system itself has been reduced by ~ 40% and, according to unofficial calculations, it measures about 300mm2. The package itself also includes four HBM2 memory stacks offering a total of 32 GB of capacity. Such decks will certainly be used as the system is designed for workstations and servers.

The show included information on real-time ray-tracing testing and possible configurations of several cores using an Infinity Fabric link. The premiere itself, scheduled for this quarter of this year, is already certain. AMD announced that it has already started sending systems to its partners. And in the future? Well, new Navi architecture in 2019 and something completely new (abandoning the GCN microarchitecture) around 2020. In the case of the latter, we can be sure that the first models will hit the professional market … but AMD has just confirmed that in a year’s time players will also receive graphics cards made in 7nm. This points to the Navi family, because probably no one would like a refreshed Radeon RX Vega. If only for marketing reasons …

Source: Wccftech

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