AMD Red League is back with a new season!

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AMD Red League is back with a new season!AMD launches for the third consecutive year the AMD Red League, which opened its registrations this week and will surprise all participants who will enjoy surprises, tournaments and much more. Reaffirming its commitment to the sector gamer, the company once again bets on eSports competitions in the region with the AMD Red League, in a model totally focused on amateurs, with which it seeks to train future experts who have not yet been discovered but who have a great talent.

In the tournament it will be divided into two groups: Southern Cone (Argentina and Chile) and Northern Cone (Colombia and Peru); players will enjoy Counter Strike Go and League of Legends in a 5 vs 5 competition, or Fortnite for duos. Registrations will be open from May 4 to May 28.

The way of registration is through the web page where all the necessary data will be requested to locate and segment them. In these competitions the participants will be able to play to position themselves and train facing the main competition. From the challenge that begins in June, 6 regional winners will emerge who will receive 500 USD each. Competition scheduleLeague of Legends

  • Start of competition: June 1
  • Stream: Saturday and Sunday
  • End of competition: August 15 (Southern Cone) and August 16 (Northern Cone), both will have Stream


  • Start of competition: June 9
  • Stream: Tuesday and Friday
  • End of competition: August 22 (Southern Cone) and August 23 (Northern Cone), both will have Stream

Counter Strike Go

  • Start of competition: June 22nd
  • Stream: Monday and Wednesday

End of competition: August 8 (Southern Cone) and August 9 (Northern Cone), both will have Stream.

We are convinced that the only impossible thing is what you do not try and that is why we believe that this year competition, training, improvement and above all passion, are the pillars for success. The time to join is now! therefore, we invite you to be a part and play hard to be one of the possible champions of 2020.

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