AMD technology will enhance PlayStation 3 games with FSR integration in the RPCS3 emulator

We have just met the first emulator in history that will use the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. Thanks to the integration of FSR in the RPCS3 emulator, PlayStation 3 games launched from a personal computer will gain both higher graphics quality and smoothness.

FSR in the RPCS3 emulator works wonders

If you are interested in PlayStation 3 games, you surely know the RPCS3 emulator. It allows you to run PS3 titles on traditional PCs, thanks to emulation, which unfortunately is very, very demanding for the hardware. This type of “pretending” components of a different kind is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most resource-intensive workloads a computer can face, and is highly dependent on the encoding quality of the emulator.

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Playing with emulating is also difficult on the side of creating them, because support for each game separately has to be added almost manually. The upside, in turn, is the enormous flexibility in the field of software, which now manifests itself in the implementation of an open-source alternative to NVIDIA’s praised DLSS.

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This, in turn, is another proof of how well AMD has fitted into the current market, because the mere integration of FSR in the RPCS3 emulator could not be particularly demanding. Thus, in this way, the emulator gained a simple way to increase the fluidity and quality of the image compared to the original rendering pipeline, including the ability to scale to 4K resolution.