An alternative to ice cubes? Special reusable hydrogel

A team of scientists from the University of California – Davis is trying to prove to the world that the combination of gelatin and water providing a form of hydrogel is an ideal alternative to ice cubes. It not only saves water, but is also more hygienic, especially in food processing plants. As? About it below.

Scientists have developed a hydrogel and it looks like an ideal alternative to ice cubes

Although it may seem that ice cubes are difficult to replace, these scientists are of a very different opinion. They decided to combine 10% gelatin obtained from proteins with 90% water, obtaining the form of a reusable hydrogel, or “jelly-like ice cubes”, which retain their shape at both positive and negative temperatures. “That prevents it from escaping during defrosting.

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These ice cubes are completely transparent, jelly-like structures at room temperature, but retain their shape and size. After freezing, they become completely opaque and hard, which allows you to use them wherever traditional ice cubes are used. They can additionally be used up to 12 times before the first defects appear, and after using them, you can simply throw them into the composter.

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Unfortunately, at the moment, the practical use of this hydrogel and providing the world with an alternative to ice cubes is unclear. Scientists do not mention the commercialization of their work, but this is certainly one of the goals, because now researchers want to replace the used protein gelatin with that obtained from agricultural waste.

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