An expert gave advice on how to avoid rapid deterioration of the smartphone battery

MOSCOW, Sep 22 — PRIME. The phone’s battery usually starts to drain quickly if you ignore some rules when charging it – this leads to battery wear, Sergey Malozemov, author and host of the Miracle Technology program on NTV, said on Sputnik radio.

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According to him, modern lithium-ion batteries do not like to be completely discharged and charged, and the ideal range in which they retain their “youth” for a long time is 40-90 percent. “A common mistake is to keep the phone on charge and watch videos, play games or, which often happens, use it as a navigator in the car. This leads to heating of the battery and degradation of its internal structure. Many people have a habit of charging the phone by laying it under the pillow From this, the battery also overheats, and its chemical structure deteriorates, “the expert warned.

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He warned that the frequent use of QuickCharge fast charging technologies also leads to battery wear.

“Abuse of this function leads to rapid degradation of the battery: it does not like too high charging currents, because it also heats up in the process. I advise you to use fast chargers only in emergency cases, and not in everyday mode,” said Malozeov.

In some cases, the battery may not perform well due to damage to the connector for connecting to the charger.

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“We often carry smartphones in the pockets of trousers or jeans, villi, threads can clog there, they form a fairly dense gasket, in technical slang it is called” boots “. This is such a dumped pile that prevents the plug from entering the connector to the full depth, contacts do not work properly, the phone does not take a charge. In addition, people often carelessly handle the connector, it becomes loose and may become unusable. In this regard, the use of a wireless charger can extend the “life” and “youth” of the smartphone, “said the expert .

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He noted that the smartphone will consume the charge more slowly if you prohibit some applications from running in the background, and turn off notifications for some. Malozemov advised to check in the settings which applications “eat up” most of the battery resources.

If the battery has really deteriorated, it will not be difficult to replace it at the service center, he is sure.

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