Analyst Peter Brandt: Bitcoin is headed for $ 100,000

Bitcoin is headed for $ 100,000

The overrun of the $ 10,000 threshold has been celebrated by the crypto market and has the potential to generate an important wave of FOMO (fear of missing the opportunity). Crypto analysts say that if Bitcoin manages to keep above that threshold, a parabolic growth period will follow.

Technical charts show that the next level of resistance is about $ 11,700, and then the road to $ 17,000 is free.

Analyst Peter Brandt argued that Bitcoin’s fourth parabolic phase had begun.

“Bitcoin has a target of $ 100,000. The BTC / USD pair faces the fourth parabolic phase that dates back to 2010. No other market in the 45 years of trading has had a similar parabolic evolution. Bitcoin is a unique market. “

On a temporary scale, the $ 100,000 target could be reached in the first quarter of 2020 if parabolic evolution continues. This development is also facilitated by the Bitcoin half-event that will take place in May 2020.

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Russia could allow trading with cryptomones

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said the ministry is considering legalizing cryptomonas transactions.

According to Interfax, the provision could be included in the new law on digital assets. This will most likely be adopted in the next two weeks.

A bill banning the use of cryptomonas as a means of payment in the Russian Federation was adopted in May last year.

Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma Financial Market Committee, stressed that the Financial Action Task Force has recommended Russia to adopt a law regulating the movement of criptomons by the end of this year.

The Kraken Exchange warns users of a scam

Crypto Kraken’s Exchange has warned users of a scam that uses the company’s name. Apparently, a wave of emails using the Kraken domain required users to make transfers to false addresses.

One of the targets of this scam was token issuers, who were asked for fees for listing on the platform. Kraken representatives have pointed out that there are no listing fees and thanked the users who reported the problem.

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They recommended users to check the e-mail headers received and not open the attachments.

Two Israeli brothers arrested for Bitfinex hacking

Two Israeli brothers were arrested in connection with the Bitfinex hack and other phishing cryptos attacks. The authorities confiscated a series of crypto wallets, which contain limited amounts of cryptomonas.

An Israeli police spokesman said Eli Gigi and Assaf Gigi are suspected of being responsible for the systematic theft of cryptomonas. Eli Gigi is a graduate of an elite defense technology unit in Israel that selects young people with outstanding academic abilities.

The two created clones of major exchnage platforms and cryptos online wallets and sent links to Telegram groups and other crypo communities. The two are also accused of being responsible for the Bitfinex hack in 2016.

Most victims were citizens from outside the European Union and the US, and the investigation involved several law enforcement agencies from several countries.

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