Another cryptoburse is drowning in trouble. People withdraw money from it in fear, it is also popular among Slovaks

In addition to the most popular cryptobourse Binance, which has perhaps the widest offer of cryptocurrencies and very low fees, the American stock exchange Coinbase is also popular among advanced and beginning investors. It even entered the public stock exchange earlier this year.

Coinbase is also popular among Slovaks, because it also offers quite a lot of well-known cryptocurrencies and has a very user-friendly application for smartphones, through which you can buy cryptocurrencies literally in a few clicks. However, Coinbase has also been affected in recent weeks.

Coinbase is to blame for them

It all started with last week’s report on the American website CNBC, which described the extensive complaints of American customers to Coinbase. Their accounts were compromised by hackers and subsequently received almost no customer support from the company.

Hackers accessed the accounts mainly through SIM swapping on the part of mobile operators, ie the hijacking of a telephone number and its subsequent misuse to hack the account. This method also makes it possible to overcome two-factor authentication. Users have lost various amounts from a few dozen to almost $ 170,000.

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The Exchange assured clients that it will introduce voice support for hacker victims this month and will launch platoon support for everyone later this year.

According to latest news However, another problem soon arose for CNBC, which was already caused by the Coinbase exchange itself. Last Friday, it informed approximately 125,000 customers via e-mail that their two-factor authentication settings had been changed, leading many clients to believe that their account had been compromised.

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As a result, some of them hastily moved their cryptocurrencies from the stock market to software or hardware cryptocurrencies, or even sold off significant parts of their portfolios. One of the affected customers told CNBC that the announcement led him to sell more than $ 60,000 in cryptocurrencies.

However, the following day, Coinbase informed those customers in a second e-mail that the previous e-mail had been sent in error and was only the result of a company error, which it subsequently confirmed on Twitter.

Coinbase spokesman Andrew Schmitt told CNBC that it was not a malicious bug caused by attackers, but a common routine bug in systems. However, it certainly does not shed a good light on the stock market, whose daily trading volumes are up move in amounts from $ 3 billion to $ 6 billion.

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Tens of billions are spent through it every day, and its CEO started at McDonals’s. This is the story of the biggest cryptoburse, which is in trouble

However, the American cryptobourse, unlike the largest stock exchange Binance, does not yet have any extensive problems with regulators. Binance has been fighting them for some time now and we have informed you about their origin and consequences in this extensive article.

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