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Test – Antec Nineteen Hundred: Review | Test | Specs | Price | CPU Performance| Hashrate| Setup| Config | Advantage (Pros) and Disadvantages (Cons) and other important features that will help you make better decision.

I continue with the tests of Antec products with a case that is not like the others today, in fact the Nineteen Hundred is a disproportionate case designed for demanding players in search of room for their monster. Their monster because it will be possible to install up to 12 hard disks and the quad-SLI will no longer be a dream because if you feel like it, the box offers 2 slots for power supplies!
Is the Nineteen Hundred from Antec recommended? This is what we will see.

Specification: Antec Nineteen Hundred

Antec Nineteen Hundred
Motherboard compatibility SSI CEB
Number of berries 3 x 5,25″
12 x 3,5″ ou 2,5″
2 x 2,5″
Fan location (s) 3 x 12 on the front
1 x 12 cm on the back
2 x 12 cm on the top
2 x 12 cm in front of the HDD cage inside
Fan (s) supplied 3 on the front
1 on the back
2 above
Expansion slots 9
Front connectors 4 x USB3
2 x USB2
2 x Jack 3,5 mm
Features 1 x removable filter on the front
1 x removable filter below the power supply
2 x removable filters above
2 compartments
12 x anti-vibration trolleys hard disks
Openings for Watercooling
2 power supply slots
1 integrated rheobus
Compatible power supply 2 x ATX
graphics card length
33 cm
CPU cooling height
17,5 cm
Dimensions 55,5 (l) x 69,6 (H) x 22,3 (L) cm
Weight 13,6 Kg
Guarantee 3 years manufacturer
Price ~ 200€

As said above the Nineteen Hundred is a real monster, almost 70cm high with a weight of 13.6Kg it will not go unnoticed! It will of course be possible to install a very large majority of motherboards, even the E-ATX, the number of 3.5 ″ (or 2.5 ″) hard disks can reach 12 which can make this case a real one. storage server. Ventilation is not to be outdone with 6 original installed 12cm fans (Antec TwoCools) all equipped with removable filters, point of 14cm here unfortunately, it will also be possible to install 2 other 12cm fans on the disk cage hard just in case!
The presence of 2 separate compartments as well as 2 slots for power supplies set this box apart from others in the range and will allow the installation of a more muscular configuration.
The connection on the front is really very complete with no less than 6 USB ports (4 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0) and 2 3.5mm jack ports and allows you to connect even more hard disks, in case the 2 internal ones are not enough!
This madness of grandeur comes at a price, however, and the Antec Nineteen Hundred can now be traded for around € 200, which is no small feat and we’ll see right away if it’s worth it!


The box is in the typical spirit of Antec, the front is very sober with the photo of the product on a black background, the name of the brand as well as the name of the model, and that’s it! We are certainly not going to complain, sobriety is not a bad thing. At the back we find a listing of all the functionalities of the case, number of fans, maximum length of the graphics card, integrated rheobus etc. It is always good to have a summary before buying the case when you go to the store.


As usual with Antec, the product is very well protected between 2 large sheets of foam, the vagaries of transport should not harm the health of the monster.


Here is the beast aside! Side components a large plexiglass window is present to show the bowels of the beast to anyone who would be intrigued by the monster, we can see that there are 2 separate compartments. The build quality is very good as usual with Antec. On the other side we find the same thing, but without the plexiglass window.


The front panel is rather sober except for the red grid (or green depending on the model), we can see the plethora of USB connectors at the top as well as the 3.5mm jack ports and Power / reset buttons on their left. The 3 5.25 ″ slots are rather well integrated into the whole and do not distort the facade. The Antec logo is engraved at the bottom, Antec must always engrave it somewhere! 🙂
At the back we see the honeycomb grid behind the 12cm fan, the 2 locations for water-cooling pipes, the 9 extension brackets painted with red melange as the front (or green depending on the model) but more interesting there is a plate hiding the location of the power supply of the upper compartment (it is possible to remove it and put it at the bottom). The rheobus is at the top of the box and allows you to control the 2 fans above and the one at the back, see instead:


Note that the rear part is a true copy of the Antec P280 to which we would have added a compartment below.


Above is a very good quality plastic cover with many holes for ventilation, once removed we find the 2 fans of 12cm both equipped with a removable filter. Too bad not having the possibility to install 2 fans of 14 cm instead.
Now place inside!


On the left the Nineteen Hundred with the top compartment door removed, on the right with the 2 compartments open, let’s take care of the top part to start:


Once again an air of déjà vu, in fact the interior of the upper compartment of the 1900 is in all points identical to the P280 except for the color of the brackets. The finish is excellent, the rubber cable glands are still flexible, a large opening is present behind the motherboard in order to install a cooler without having to remove the motherboard. There are 3 5.25 ″ slots, 6 3.5 ″ or 2.5 ″ slots (individual trolleys with anti-vibration rubber) and 2 dedicated 2.5 ″ slots. The interior is really spacious and shouldn’t be a problem during assembly.
2 fans are present in front of the hard disks cage on the right, 1 fan at the back and 2 above, all in 12cm, the ventilation should therefore be very good as standard for the Antec Nineteen Hundred.


The bottom compartment offers 1 feeding slot as well as 6 3.5 ″ or 2.5 ″ trolleys, all closed by a door fitted with foam inside.
Let’s see all of this in more detail:


5.25 ″ devices benefit from easy attachment, just slide them in from the front until they are secured, it’s easy! To remove the device, simply pull on the quick release and release it.


Each trolley is equipped with 4 rubber pads (red or green depending on the model) which have already proven to be very effective in attenuating the vibrations of hard drives, 4 holes are present to fix a 2.5 ″ device (hard drive or SSD) ).


The location of the upper compartment power supply, a large rubber pad is present as well as a removable metal cover.


The 9 shiny red (or green) brackets are removable and fitted with a hand screw, the air will not stagnate at this level thanks to the openings.


The feed in the lower compartment takes place on rubber pads leading to a dust filter.


A word on the upper compartment door, the upper doors are fitted with a hard polycarbonate layer (same as P280) in order to dampen vibrations and noise while the lower one is fitted with a foam layer, as we can see it in the photo above.


Finally the back is very spacious, no problem for the placement of the cables here the space between the back plate of the motherboard and the door is very comfortable, as can be seen in the photo below:


Now that the owner’s turn has been done, it’s time to test!

The configuration used during the tests is as follows:

  • Processor : Intel Core i4670K @ 4 Ghz
  • CPU Fan : Noctua NH-D15
  • Motherboard : Gigabyte Z87-UD5H TH
  • Carte graphique : XFX 7870 Black Edition
  • Ventirad Graphics Card : Accelero S1 rev B + 2 Noctua NF-F12
  • Mémoire: Kingston HyperX 4 x 2 Go 1600Mhz
  • SSD: Intel Postville X25-M 80Go
  • Disque dur: WD Raptor 150 Go
  • Alimentation: be quiet! E9 580CM
  • Operating system : Windows 8.1 64bits

A rather bulky configuration therefore due to its huge cooler and the 3 slots taken by the graphics card. The Western Digital Raptor disc is also hell for boxes because it transmits a lot of vibrations to the chassis which will necessarily increase noise pollution if it is not well isolated.


No particular mounting problems except that it was not possible to assemble the be quiet! E9 580CM in the lower compartment of the box because of the length of the cables, so be careful if you buy this box to pay attention to the length of the power cables!
Internal space made installation very easy even with the huge Noctua NH-D15 and the graphics card which takes up 4 slots, the space on the back of the motherboard made cable management a breeze childish.

In order to test the box, I will carry out an OCCT Power Supply test for 30mins and then take the temperatures of the main components such as the processor (average of the 4 cores), the motherboard, the graphics card as well as the hard drive.
Regarding noise pollution, I will proceed as in the file on silent PCs namely 1 statement in front, right, left, rear and above. All these tests will be done with the 6 fans set to 5V and 12V.

The Antec Nineteen Hundred will face the case used by the silent pc backrest, the Corsair Carbide 300R in the original version and modified for the needs of the same backrest as well as the XFX Type01 Bravo and Antec P100.



At rest the temperatures of the components inside the Antec Nineteen Hundred are very good, difficult to separate the cases with such a small release of heat, the difference between all the cases is only a few small degrees. In 12V the Nineteen Hundred is however ahead of all the others, thanks to the 6 fans 🙂


Ambient sound level: 31dB

The sound level varies completely, in fact in the “Low” position the fans supplied with the box are very discreet and make the box rather pleasant, without of course reaching the level of the modified Corsair 300R, which is normal!
In position “Max” (therefore in 12V) on the other hand the situation changes completely, the presence of 6 fans does not help the poor Nineteen Hundred and it will be clearly heard, more than all the other boxes of the comparison, we have nothing for nothing unfortunately.


No change in the rotation of the fans compared to the other boxes here, the fans rotate at a minimum in all cases.



As we can see the temperatures of the components in the Nineteen Hundred are excellent, not much to say about its cooling capacity, once again thanks to the 6 fans of the case which will be able to cool a very large configuration without worry!


Ambient sound level: 31dB

The noise emanating from the Nineteen Hundred in 5V is rather pleasant even if it is not completely silent, nothing really annoying that said as long as you are not addicted to the silence (like me!). In 12V on the other hand, whether at rest or under load the sound level does not change one iota, the 6 fans covering all the other noise of the components, now it is always noisier than the other boxes but the difference is reduced a lot.


Thanks to the 6 fans and the enormous airflow the Antec Nineteen Hundred is simply the best in its class here, the fans rev up very little, whether at 5V or 12V.


Here we are at the end of this test, what about the Antec Nineteen Hundred?
As much to say it right away the box from Antec is certainly not intended for everyone, it is quite simply enormous! The Nineteen Hundred is a P280 to which we would have added a compartment at the bottom capable of accommodating 6 hard drives and an additional power supply. The build quality is there, the 6 fans offer very good performance while displaying relative silence in “Low” but are rather noisy in “High”. The possibility of installing 12 3.5 ″ hard drives and 2 2.5 ″ hard drives / SSDs make it a box for storage fanatics, others can turn to the P280 without any worries.

In addition to all its non-standard characteristics, it will also be possible to install 2 power supplies and put them in series for the most muscular configurations, however be careful with the choice of power supply if you want to install one at the bottom the cables must be very tall.

It will be necessary to shed a little more than 200 € at the time of this writing which is not given and once again will be reserved for people who really need a huge amount of hard drives / graphics cards / power supplies, a hairy PC configuration! It has flaws yes but excess is often bought at a high price 🙂


  • Performances
  • Build quality
  • Filters everywhere
  • 6 original fans


  • Price
  • Noisy in “high”
  • Bottom feed compatibility

A big thank you to Antec who allowed me to do this test.

Where to find the Antec Nineteen Hundred?

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