Antivirus and 10 Avast functions that your cell phone already has

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Antivirus and 10 Avast functions that your cell phone already has – Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

Avast is one of the antivirus that better protection and performance offers on mobiles. However, considering a recent report on the data collection it does and the sale of it to advertisers, you probably want to do without its Android app. Fortunately, some versions of this system, such as the one that Samsung devices bring, have practically most of the Avast Antivirus functions, so in my case I see the use of this application unnecessary.

If you are not aware of the aforementioned data usage issue, when you open the Avast application and accept its terms, you are accepting a license agreement that includes this: “You acknowledge that the Seller – or any member of the Seller’s group – you may share your Data with the Seller’s partners ». In this case the “Seller” is Avast. According to Motherboard and PCMag, among the data Avast collects from you are Google searches, Google Maps, YouTube video views, visits to adult sites, what you are looking for there, with date and time.

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Avast features I found on my Samsung Galaxy

My Samsung Galaxy S7 does not come with one but two antivirus from the factory. If two!

  1. Application analysis: Play Store, Settings, Play Protect. Samsung also incorporates McAfee antivirus in Settings, Device maintenance, Security, Scan device. I don’t think you want to add a third antivirus to your computer.
  2. Release Ram: Recent button, «Close all» (you should not use this option frequently because it would be counterproductive).
  3. Clean Trash (Get rid of unwanted data): Settings, Device maintenance, Storage, Clean.
  4. WiFi speed: Measures the speed of the Internet connection, something that you can also do accurately with online services such as O (in this case first activate the “Desktop version” in the browser settings). To measure the speed of the WiFi you must go to Settings, Connections, WiFi, keep your finger on the network, Manage network settings, Show advanced options, Network speed.
  5. Anti Theft: Settings, Google, Security, Find my device.
  6. Photo Warehouse: Settings, Lock Screen and Security, Private mode.
  7. WiFi security: This option analyzes the router’s WiFi encryption and password. If you enter the configuration of your router from the browser (check the access data on the back of your router), you can verify that the encryption is “WPA2” and also change the access password.
  8. Application details. Use: Add the widget «Activities» and in the list of options look for «Usage statistics». If your launcher does not have this widget, install Nova Launcher and check your widgets again. Data: Settings, Connections, Data usage, Mobile data usage. Permissions: Settings, Applications, Application permissions.
  9. Call blocker: Phone, Settings, Block numbers.
  10. Energy saving: Settings, Maintenance, Battery. Here you can manually activate the battery saver, control the applications that consume a lot of battery or disable their operation in the background, etc.
  11. Hidden cache: Settings, Applications, Application name, Clear Cache. To clean the system cache go to Settings, Device maintenance, Clean. Another way to clear the system cache is from the recovery mode.
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What Android doesn’t have

Firewall: This feature requires root and is generally used to protect you from unauthorized incoming connections.

App lock: Samsung does not have an app locker that supports this function, beyond the lock screen. Other brands like Xiaomi do incorporate it. There are some apps that offer their own blocking option, such as WhatsApp.

VPN connection: Included in Avast Ultimate, which costs $ 20 per year. If you can’t or want to pay, but you can get several free VPNs for Android, like Tunnel Bear.

File parser: Although Android does not have the option to batch scan files, you can use to scan individual files, not just with one but with multiple antivirus at the same time.

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