Antminer D3 – Hashrate | Specs | Profitability | Pros and Cons

Take a look at ASIC Antminer D3 Specs, Hashrate, profitability, payback period and the pros and cons if you decide to purchase one.- In July 2017, the leader in the production of mining equipment, Bitmain, released a new Asik called AntMiner D3 for the extraction of cryptocurrencies on the X11 algorithm. It is especially important today to mine the cryptocurrency Dash and a number of other promising coins. Ashiki instantly sold out, the demand for them still exceeds supply, which is actively used by speculators and simple “huckster”.

Antminer D3 Specs - Hashrate Payback Profitability Pros and Cons

Everything is explained by the incredible power of Antminer – 15 GH / s. The price at the beginning was also very pleasing – only $ 1,450 per piece. But high demand raised the cost of equipment. Now on the official website of the manufacturer “flaunts” the figure of $ 2,700. However, the demand for a miner almost did not fall. Payback miner when mining Dash still attracts particular attention.

Antminer D3 Specs

When the cryptocurrency market began its history, only Bitcoin took over the attention of all. Over time, the situation has changed dramatically. The complexity of mining has increased, and it has become very expensive to build farms. Therefore, users turned their attention to alternative coines, which were distinguished by course stability and economy (the costs of creating farms were lower). Among them, DASH began to be especially popular. However, with the help of asiki it was not mined. Used only video cards. After a while, it was still possible to create unique ASIC devices that allow mine this coin, while with greater profitability. The most popular is just the equipment of the D3 series from Bitmain.

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What is an Antminer D3 miner?

Appearance Antminer D3 standard. From the other miners case practically does not differ: compact. Delivered in safe, thoughtful packaging. The power supply is not included. Buy it separately. BP will cost about $ 200. You do not buy the controller separately – it is included in the ASIK design.

The car has three boards. Each contains 60 chips, as well as 3 connectors to connect power. There is also another PCI-E slot – on the control unit. The miner is cooled with the help of 2 powerful fans, uniformly blowing the radiator.

For the normal functioning of ASIK, it is necessary to connect all the connectors located on the hash-panel to the power supply unit. Also remember that only one power device can be connected to the same hash panel. You need to run Asik after applying electricity to all 10 PCI-E connectors.

Antminer D3 Specifications

Hashes the ASIC at a speed of 15 gigachesh per second. Electricity consumption is 1200 W, but the indicator will change slightly. It all depends on the characteristics of the power supply and how accurate the power meter will be. Asik makes noise moderately. At a distance of one meter – 74 dB. If the air in the room is hot, the noise will increase as the fan will run at a higher speed.

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Antminer D3 Specifications

has a classic form factor. The body is flat aluminum. On the sides of the case of the AntMiner D3 are cooling fans that regulate thermal conditions. Such a thoughtful design eliminates unnecessary overheating of the device. Main characteristics of D3:

  • Hashrate – 15 GH / s (can reach 16.2 GH / s)
  • Algorithm – X11
  • Energy efficiency – 93%
  • Power consumption – 1, 2 kW at 25 ° C (with APW3 power supply)
  • Optimum operating temperature – 0 – 40 ° C
  • Network Connection Interface – Ethernet
  • Chips – 180 pcs.
  • Weight – 5, 5 kg
  • Dimensions – 320x130x190 mm

Asik D3 is the most productive in its class. It is easy to set up and convenient to use. Compared with its predecessor, its effectiveness has risen by 10%. The device is perfect for mining DASH and other popular cryptomonet based on the advanced X11 algorithm.

As a power supply, it is optimal to use APW3 ++ from the manufacturer Bitmain. When connected to a 110V outlet, the power supply provides 1200 watts of power. To obtain a power of 1600 W, the power supply unit must be connected to a 220 – 240 W power source.

Profitability and payback  Antminer D3

BP APW3 ++ is a quality reliable product. Specially created for mining equipment. It works almost silently. Equipped with 10 specialized PCI-E connections. Differs in compactness. Smaller than desktop computer power supplies. Its important advantage is the ability to function at 1600 watts. Due to this, it is compatible with D3, S9 and other miners.

Profitability and payback Antminer D3

Definitely, Antmainer D3 will provide a decent income. Specifying the exact value of the DASH cryptonomy rate course does not make sense now. It is constantly changing, with several times a day. The average is $ 300 – $ 500 per coin. Demonstration of the growth trend is present. Payback and profitability depend not only on the exchange rate. They are also affected by the cost of electricity and the power of the blockchain network. For example, the yield in August 2017 amounted to more than 4.5 thousand dollars. That is, D3 paid for itself in just one month, or rather, 14 days. Even the profit was good.

Antminer D3 photo

But such a fairy tale cannot last forever. The number of users mining DASH is constantly growing. This increases the complexity of its mining. Monthly profit gradually decreases. At the moment, the payback period is much longer. Therefore, the planning of this business is pragmatic. A similar situation affected all popular cryptocurrencies, but the last DASH affected it last. So, while there is a chance to get a good profit.

Miner advantages

Both after the launch, and now, the device for mining DASH cryptocurrency from the manufacturer Bitmain enjoys great popularity. This indicates the presence of serious advantages of this model:

  • High performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Manufacturer Fame
  • Perspectives of the X11 algorithm
  • Job stability

To start mining it is only necessary to connect Asik to the network, enable and configure. The stability of the Antminer D3 and high quality is guaranteed. The company Bitmain has proven itself. It is a reliable manufacturer of mining equipment, has a good reputation.

As for the X11 algorithm, several cryptocurrencies work on it besides DASH. His perspective is an important advantage of buying Asika D3. Especially lucky bought equipment for another $ 1450. The payback was then 2 weeks. Now the figures are not the same, but it makes sense to acquire a miner.

Antminer D3 Equipment setup

Let the profitability of Antmeyner and declined, but in general, such a device is worthy of attention. This is a quality and reliable product. In addition, it can be used to extract not only DASH, but also other cryptomonet on the X11 algorithm. Suddenly, some of them through time will be more profitable than Dash. It will also be useful to take advantage of some services that switch mining power to the most profitable currency currently in automatic mode. Using this solution, you can reduce the payback period. Carefully choose a pool for mining.

Antminer D3 Equipment setup

Like all the other Asiki, the Antminer D3 model is very easy to set up – the functionality of the control panel is the same, the usual requirements for setting up a user password. You need to connect the miner to the network, turn it on and perform the following actions:

  1. Set user password.
  2. In the settings, enter the pool data (best compatibility with Antpool and F2Pool pools).
  3. Specify network configuration (if required).

In theory, the hash rate is 15 gigabytes per second. But in practice, Antminer showed great performance. Sometimes the figure reached as much as 16.2 GH / s. If the temperature in the room is medium (within 22 – 25 ° C), the fans will begin to rotate at a rather high speed – 3200 rpm. The noise level will be 74 dB. The higher the temperature, the more actively the fan will rotate, creating more and more noise. Therefore, it is advisable for Asik to rent or find a special room.


Easy-to-operate ASIC D3 is one of the most popular cryptocurrency mining miners DASH. Customers are attracted by its high hashing rate, quality and usability. 15 GH / s on the X11 algorithm is now the most powerful solution. Consumption at the same time is only 1200 watts.

The management interface of Antminer D3 will be understandable even to a novice in the field of mining. To configure the equipment you do not need to have any special knowledge and skills. Everything is very simple.

The unquestionable advantage of the miner is that he works on the X11 algorithm, where DASH, Cannabiscoin, Quark and other coins are mined. DASH is a stable, promising cryptocurrency. Definitely she has a future. Its course will grow – and the yield will increase significantly. Summing up, it is safe to say one thing: Bitmain has released an effective, high-quality product worthy of attention.