Antminer l3+ Hashrate – Price | Profitability | Specification | Payback

Antminer l3+ Hashrate - Price Profitability Specification Payback

Antminer l3+ Hashrate – If you have decided to go deep into the study of the cryptocurrency market, then there is nothing to do without mining knowledge. In this article, we will talk about AntMiner L3 for Litecoin mining. There are 2 ways to earn money on cryptocurrency: working with exchanges (playing on the course) and resource extraction with the help of special equipment – miners. We will touch exactly the last option.

In order to understand what the product’s innovation is, it is necessary to take a closer look at its technical component, as well as to highlight the main points that allow the Script miner to be brought to a new level. All in order. We tried to make structured material in an understandable language for each.

Technical side  Antminer l3+

Technical side Antminer l3+

Company Bitmain – the leader in the production of modern miners. New Bitmain AntMiner L3 belongs to the group of innovative developments, which were destined to gain enormous popularity around the world. Buy Miner is not easy: demand exceeds supply.

The machine specialization is the mining of Lightcoins and other cryptocurrencies based on the Scrypt algorithm. The first version of the miner is able to accelerate to 504 MHS. At the same time deliver 800 watts Which is very weak compared to peers who entered the market a bit earlier.

Pay attention to the improved model, where 2 times more chips. The same name only with the “+” postscript. If in the basic version of VM 1485 there are only 144 chips, then in the improved version – 288.

antminer l3+ hashrate

Improvements increase the price of equipment. Want more chips? No problem! But any improvements are money. In addition, the power consumption of the improved model remained at the level of 800 watts. The main technical characteristics of the device AntMiner L3 for Litecoin:

AntMiner L3 – Specification

  • The algorithm works – Scrypt.
  • The maximum generation of hashrate is 250 MH / s.
  • Power consumption is 400+ watts. It is worth noting that the indicator may vary depending on the power supply, as well as room temperature.
  • Energy efficiency is 1.6 J / MH.
  • Rated voltage of work varies in the range of 11.6-13.0 V.
  • 4 boards in one miner.
  • The minimum temperature for operation is 0 °, the maximum – 40 °.
  • Without condensation, the humidity for stable operation of the device should be 5-95%.
  • Miner weight – 2.5 kg. The novelty weighs almost twice as much.
  • Powered by Ethernet.

Miner power consumption may differ from those indicated in the characteristics of indicators. The final indicator depends on the ambient temperature, as well as the capabilities of the power supply. The power supply is usually not included. In order to ensure stable operation, it is recommended to take a closer look at cheap power supply units with a rated power of 500 V. Each hash panel should have one connector. Do not violate the correct proportions: for each hash panel relies one power supply.

Turn on the device is only after all the necessary connectors are connected. If connecting and setting up a miner caused difficulties, then you should seek help from a competent specialist or seller.

Everyone speaks about miners in the crypt. Some invest in the purchase of the last money. You need to understand the risks and have a built strategy. Let us highlight a number of advantages when working with AntMiner L3 504 Mh / s for mining Lightcoin coins:

  • Miner is equipped with two powerful fans. Sound pressure can vary up to 60 dB, which is directly affected by the ambient temperature.
  • The miner differs in the small weight, and also the compact sizes. This allows you to significantly save on delivery, and does not take up much space in the room.
  • One of the most successful investment solutions. Given the fact that the cryptocurrency is growing rapidly in its price, the money spent will be worked out very quickly.
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Payback Period for Antminer l3+

A unique machine for Litecoin was created, but the development of last year can be used for mining and other cryptocurrencies, though not so popular. Although I really do not see the proper alternative. If we talk about the payback AntMiner L3 with constant production of cryptocurrency, then you can get a very good time. They depend on many factors, the main one is the course of Lightcoin. In addition, the initial price of the device will affect the payback.

Payback Period for Antminer l3+

Taking into account the fact that the base rate for electricity has been kept within 10 cents for each kW / h since November last year, Asic AntMiner L3 will bring about 3.5 Lightcoins per seven days. That is, for the year with one piece of equipment you can get 180 coins. But the algorithms are changing. Work becomes more difficult.

Low power consumption

Since the power consumption of this device is only 400 W, then only about 10% of the profit will have to be given. Based on the above calculations, this amount will be about $ 17 per week, given the current rate of Lightcoin (at the time of publication of the article).

If we compare the model with the same A4 Dominator, then our version is more effective (the efficiency is more than 2 times). For comparison: in order for the A4 Dominator to reach 280 MH / s, it is necessary to consume about 1000 W, while the L3 model will ask only 400 W. The end result is the same. L3 will lead to net profit much faster.

The advanced model AntMiner L3 504 MH / s with the prefix “+” consumes twice as much power. And this is 800 W, but at the same time it reaches 500 MH / s. If we consider these two miners from the point of view of pure efficiency, then there is not much difference between them, but investments in equipment are different.

We have already said that the kit most often lacks a power supply. Therefore, I recommend to look at low-cost and energy-efficient models. The power supply must be different 5, 6 pin connectors, and the spare capacity to be in the range of 600-750 W (recommended). Power supply directly affects the performance of all equipment.

Low power consumption

Antminer l3+ Weight and Noise indicators

The weight of the miner L3 is 2.5 kg. Compared with the A4 Dominator (9.2 kg), the advantage is obvious. It is noteworthy that the weight of the improved model L3 is also slightly exceeded and is about 6 kg with packaging. Normal L3 definitely wins. First, it allows you to save on shipping. Secondly – the safe installation of light components.

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AntMayner L3 is equipped with only one fan, which produces up to 60 dB of noise. L3 + has in its design already two fans, and therefore the noise level varies between 75-95 dB. It should be noted that the miner L3 is not the quietest, so you will not put it in the bedroom. In a separate room – you can, the neighbors will not hear the noise.

Antminer l3+ Price

Those who did not have time to order Bitman AntMiner L3 at the time of its release, today the device is available only in the secondary market. You can buy it through specialized companies that are official distributors of crypto miners, or on eBAY, Amazon and other similar trading platforms. The small weight of the machine allows you to save well, especially if the order includes several units of goods at once.

Today in the market you can find offers for the sale of L3, but their cost is very different from the original. Before buying, I recommend to ensure the credibility of the seller, so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Since the new version of L3 will cost about 2k $ per unit, it is not advisable to pay more than $ 1000 for the old model. Especially considering the fact that performance is on par. Deliveries of AntMiner L3 504 Mx / s may be delayed. And time is money. I advise you to invest only with good dynamics of the course and guarantees of fast delivery.

AntMiner L3 connection

AntMiner L3 connection

Owners need to know how to properly configure AntMiner L3 for mining cryptocurrency. After connecting all the connectors, you can turn on the miner in the outlet. If everything is done correctly, the miner will begin to undergo the initialization procedure, and the green light on the body itself will light up.

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If the green light does not light up, you need to carefully check the connections of all cables again. Perhaps the main cable was not attached to the router. It is important to understand that connecting the miner directly to the laptop and the router are absolutely two different things. If you have problems connecting, you should contact a specialist or familiarize yourself with the basic difficulties of connecting a device on the Internet.

Mining Lightcoins on L3

Popularity is the engine of progress. And with Litecoin, with popularity, everything is in order. Appeared and equipment for the extraction of coins. And if there is a desire to develop in this direction, then without the use of AntMainer L3 in work, it will be difficult to get cryptocurrency.

Mining Lightcoin is completely anonymous and decentralized. As many investors today began to abandon traditional Bitcoins, the cost of the Lightcoins is only growing. This makes mining promising and attracts people to the market.

The creator of this cryptocurrency positioned Laitcoin as an improved Bitcoin coin. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is still trying to maintain its popularity, Litecoin boasts several major advantages:

  1. Lightcoin coins 4 times more – 84 million units. Bitcoin has only 21 million.
  2. Recalculation of blocks is faster. This is done every three and a half days.
  3. Every 2.5 minutes a new block is created. The miner will receive confirmation of completed transactions much faster.
  4. Starting in 2015, for each block there is a reward of 25 Lightcoins.
 AntMiner L3 - Is it worth investing

AntMiner L3 – Is it worth investing?

L3 is quite an efficient miner. And you need to weigh all the “pros and cons” when choosing a conventional or improved model with a “+” sign. The noise level and the size of the miner are suitable even for earnings at home. L3 is relatively new, much better than old analogs: the same A4 Dominator. Everything else depends on you: the right strategy, a bit of luck with the course, scaling.

Have questions? Ask in the comments. Let’s share the experience. In the crypto currency world, you must always have relevant information. If you are in trend, then everything is in order. 

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