AORUS M5 – premiere of a new mouse from Gigabyte

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Do we have any fan of the AORUS series from Gigabyte here? The company presented and at the same time threw it into the depths of the market its new mouse – AORUS M5.

However, it will not be “just a mouse”, because the latest Gigabyte proposal is distinguished by the design itself, and more precisely by the weight system. At first glance, it looks really impressive and is not an unnecessary fairy tale. We are talking about five weights (2.5 grams each), which are not mounted in one place, but in 4 indentations around the sensor and one slightly below. So it’s pretty good and it looks like the AORUS M5 will fight for the title of the mouse with the best weighting system that can raise the overall weight from 118 grams to 130.5.

Its specification, however, can make it go to the forefront of mice. We are talking about the Pixart PMW3389 sensor, which is at the forefront of the best optical sensors on the market. It allows you to adjust the LOD parameter and hit 16000 DPI, although I know that you are probably playing at 2000/3000 DPI. A good “click” is ensured by the renowned Omron main switches with a lifetime of up to 50 million clicks and the effect of the proprietary AORUS RGB Fusion backlight system. The whole thing is complemented by rubber side panels, special software and physical memory for profiles. The price and availability is still unknown, as the AORUS M5 has not yet hit any store.

AORUS, Gigabyte, mouse, PWM3389, sensor, Pixart, AORUS M5, M5, M5 model, optical mouse,

Source: Gigabyte
Photos: Gigabyte

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