App for solving geometry problems

App for solving geometry problem – The geometry is not your forte and you tremble at the thought of having to face the next test in class? Despite all the effort put into the school year, do you still have some gaps in geometry that seem impossible to fill? Would you like to find a tech solution to this kind of problem? Well, I have good news to give you: you came across the right article, at the right time! In today’s study, in fact, I will tell you about some of them app to solve geometry problems that might be right for you.

I will not just list the solutions that you would do well to use on your devices, but above all I will explain how to use them best. The solutions I am about to offer you are almost all free – at least as regards their basic version – and, more importantly, they are easy to use. You just have to identify the ones that seem most comfortable to you and use them following my instructions.

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Before going into the heart of this tutorial, however, I want to give you some “big brother” advice: use the applications I am about to recommend. before of any classwork and written tests. If you follow this suggestion, you will be able to solve geometric problems even without using computer aids, avoiding dishonest practices during the checks, with all the possible negative consequences of the case. Having clarified this aspect, I would say that we can start.


Free geometry problem solving app

Let’s dive right into the article by seeing how the free geometry problem solving app that I have selected for you. Try them all and see which ones are best for you.

Solve Geometry (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

One of the best app to solve geometry problems is called Solve Geometry: a name that leaves no room for doubt about what its “mission” is. Resolve Geometry is a particularly useful resource for primary school students (what we call elementary school “vulgarly”) and lower secondary school (ie middle school). Its interface is very “clean” and intuitive, which facilitates the use of the user who can find the solution to the problem in a few taps.

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After installing Solve Geometry on your device Android (in case you have a device without Play Store, look for it on an alternative store) or iOS / iPadOS, start the application by tapping the button You open or by pressing on its icon located on the Home screen of your device and press the button Forward (bottom right) to follow the initial tutorial, or skip this step by pressing on the item Skip tutorial (lower left).

On the main screen of Solve Geometry, you will see various geometric figures: Scalene triangle, Isosceles triangle, Equilateral triangle, Right triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogramma, etc. To solve your problem, press on the geometric shape you are interested in and, in the screen that opens, trace each side of it with your finger.

Then you have to specify the length of the side: then type in the field number its value, tap on the item cm to choose the unit of measurement for the side and confirm the operation by pressing the command add. If you don’t know how long one side of the figure is, don’t enter anything in the field number: presses instead onorange magnifying glass icon.

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After indicating the characteristics of each side of the chosen geometric figure, tap on thedouble sheet icon (top right) and, in the screen that opens, presses the orange button Solve to solve your problem and view the various steps that the algorithm has performed. Simple, right?

Geometria Calculator (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Geometria Calculator

Geometria Calculator is another app that you should seriously consider if you want to solve geometry problems quickly and easily. Its interface closely resembles that of Solve Geometry, so if you have already tried the app that I showed you in the previous chapter you will have no problems using this other free solution. Before describing the use of Geometry Calculator, I would like to clarify that to remove advertising and access all the functions included in the app you need to purchase the paid version, which costs 5.49 euros.

After completing the download of Geometry Calculator on your device Android (if you have a terminal without Google services, look for it on an alternative store) or iOS / iPadOS, open the application and, on its home screen, tap on one of the available geometric figures: Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogramma, Trapezium, etc. (and eventually choose the “sub-figure” of your interest). After choosing a figure, press thebook icon to read the related article that was published on Wikipedia, or click ontriangle icon with gear to select the parameter to be calculated.

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To start calculating the area, the perimeter and other parameters, enter in the respective fields (eg. a: e h:) the correct values ​​and therefore press on name of the calculation you want to carry out (eg. Area, Perimeter, etc.), at the bottom of the screen. You will then be able to view the final result of the operation.

If you notice that the data entered is incorrect, press the icon of (x) (top right) to delete the data entered and enter new ones. To return to the home menu, on the other hand, tap on the icon arrow pointing to the left (top left) and choose a new geometric figure to solve other problems. Have you seen how simple it is to use this app?

GeoGebra Geometria (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

GeoGebra Geometry

Another application that I want to advise you to try is GeoGebra Geometry. This free solution, available for both devices Android (check its possible availability on alternative stores, in case you have a smartphone or tablet without Play Store) and for devices iOS / iPadOS, is one of the most complete you can download. It allows the user to create geometric constructions with extreme simplicity in order to solve the most common geometry problems.

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After installing GeoGebra Geometry on your device, open it and use the tools located at the top to draw the geometric figures you want. To do this, click on the icon triangle joined to the circle and presses on one of the available options (eg. Point, Straight, etc.), then insert the chosen geometric element in the plan by tapping on the white area.

To view its characteristics, press the symbol of calculator (on the left) and eventually press the button (+) to insert a expression, add del text or access the guide online of the app. By pressing on the icon ofgear (top right), on the other hand, you have the possibility to adjust some settings regarding rounding of the figures, the display of labels, the font size in the grid, the language, etc.

Other useful apps for solving geometry problems

App for solving geometry problems

Haven’t the solutions I talked about so far particularly convinced you? Then try these other apps to solve geometry problems: I hope that at least some of them can be for you.

  • Geometryx (Android) – is a 100% free solution which, in addition to being complete, is also very easy to use. With Geometrix it is possible to calculate values ​​and parameters of figures and geometric solids: area, perimeter, volume, center of gravity coordinates, height, side length, diagonals, base area, lateral area, total area of ​​the solid and much more.
  • Geometry – calculator (Android) – if you are looking for a geometric calculator that is packed with features but is also easy to use, this is the app for you. It has an intuitive interface that allows not only to easily search for geometric figures, but above all to solve various problems. Some features are only available by making in-app purchases starting at € 0.99 per item.
  • Geometria Helper (Android) – if you are looking for a form that offers some more information, you should definitely try this app. Geometry for all, in fact, includes not only information regarding the formulas to be applied to problems concerning plane figures, but also solid ones. It is the perfect companion for a general review of geometric formulas before a test in class.
  • Mageometry 3D (iOS / iPadOS) – this app, available only for Apple devices, is not a simple form to consult when needed, but much more. Mageometry 3D, in addition to making the main geometric formulas easily available, allows you to solve in a few taps the most complicated geometry problems that have pyramids, parallelepipeds, cones, spheres and many other figures as their object. It costs € 3.49.
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App for solving geometry problems online

App for solving geometry problems

Would you like to try some application for solving geometry problems online? If the answer is yes, I invite you to give it a try, the online version of the app of the same name that I told you about in one of the previous chapters of this guide. Its operation does not differ too much from its mobile transposition, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

First, go to hers home page, select the geometric shape that is the object of the problem you want to solve (eg. Pyramid, Cylinder, Prism, etc.) and enter the known data, through which it is possible to solve it, taking care to draw the geometric figure using the appropriate function: in practice, you have to draw a line on one of the sides of the figure, so as to enter the dimension of the latter through the menu that appears on the screen.

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After describing the problem and providing all the data necessary to proceed with its resolution, these will be included in the section Data, accessible by clicking on the card of the same name (top right). If you need to change certain options before solving the problem, click on the relevant tab and decide whether or not to apply the Pythagorean theorem, the Euclid’s theorem, etc.

Now add the problem question by clicking on the button (+) (bottom right), select the one you are interested in, enter the value (if you know it) or indicate to the solver of that this must be calculated, by clicking on the magnifying glass. When you have finished entering all the known data of the problem, proceed with its resolution: click on the button Solve (at the top, in the box that opened on the left) and, in the window that opens, you will be able to see the steps that were necessary to solve the problem.

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There are many other useful services for this purpose and I told you about them in depth in my guide dedicated to sites for solving geometry problems. At least take a look at it!