Apple will abandon the iPhone? AR kits are to replace smartphones

Apple introduced a new generation of smartphones.  Here is the iPhone 13

Could Apple have plans to revolutionize the market as it did with the first iPhone? According to the latest information MacRumors from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will abandon the iPhone and replace it with a modern AR set, i.e. Agumented Reality (Augmented Reality).

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According to the latest information, AR kits are supposed to make Apple abandon the iPhone

Apple seems to have a future in augmented reality. Already in 2022, it is to launch the first AR set, independent of external devices, but what is supposed to await Apple customers in the distant future will be even more fixated on gadgets of this type. According to the aforementioned analyst, Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with an AR kit within ten years, but we will see this transition in the next year.

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According to what we know so far, this upcoming AR kit will use two 4K MicroLED screens, providing itself with AR and VR modes. This will be supported by the presence of two efficient SoCs – one (M1 variant) will take care of the display, and the other will collect all the information from the sensors. It is likely its adoption by the world that will shape the approach that will be followed by Apple over the next decade and whether it will really consider the abandonment of the iPhone in favor of “iAR” to be meaningful.

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