Apple will improve Face ID on iPhone 13? We can even unlock the smartphone in a mask

Unlocking a smartphone with Face ID is a very useful function … at home. Nowadays, when we are forced to wear masks, it is not so convenient. However, the latest reports say that in the iPhone 13, even such an obstacle will not overcome face recognition.

Face ID in iPhone 13 will recognize a face even in a mask?

Facial recognition is not ideal. If we are at home, it does not cause any problems, but a mask or even steamed glasses are enough for the system to cope. That’s why Apple decided to do something about it. According to the information, the company is working on improving Face ID. For now, it uses a special case for the iPhone 12, in which a sensor system has been implemented. Thanks to them, it should be possible to unlock the smartphone even in a mask.

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Although the technology is currently used in a special case, it is ultimately intended to go to the smartphone. Thanks to this, the indentation at the top of the screen is also to be reduced. Reports indicate that the improved Face ID will make its debut in the fall, along with the iPhones 13. If that’s true, users will definitely be pleased. Of course, as long as the function is working properly and will only recognize our face, not others. It is also not certain that we will actually see it in the upcoming smartphones.

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