Application for trading cryptocurrencies

Application for trading cryptocurrencies

Last month was launched the first trading application created in Romania and intended entirely for cryptocurrency trading. In short, VENBOT promises to change the game into cryptotrading, bringing unique functions that allow the automation of transactions on multiple accounts, maximizing the use of the balance, free and in complete security. Further, find out below how and why it has become the indispensable application for experienced traders around the world.

How did the VENBOT idea come about?

In their experience in the world of crypto and forex, a team of Romanian traders realized that the cryptocurrency market was missing something. Trading for a long time and having only the options offered by the classic platforms, a lot of ideas started to appear. What if …? And from here, the wheels began to spin, and the mechanism evolved continuously, in an elaborate software.

Therefore, VENBOT was initially conceived as a personal work tool for a small group of traders, but enjoying great success in the crypto community it has naturally evolved into a public product. As the number of users increased, VENBOT initiators understood that by making the application available to as many people as possible, their suggestions make it more and more effective. They enthusiastically received the feedback and incorporated it into a friendly application, which offers specific functions, unique in the world.

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How will this application change the way you trade?

Among the first downsizing was the one related to blocking a certain part of the balance, in an order that was to be executed at a much lower value than the current one. This involves wasting time and missing other entries. Now, using the application, you will be able to place more orders, the funds remaining intact until their actual execution. This option is called “Buy the Dip”. You can thus “program” up to 5 purchase orders, at a price lower than 10. 20 or even 99%, using up to 100% of the value of your own balance.

Also, the team of traders underlying VENBOT offers trading signals with a success rate of 87%. These are displayed directly on the screen of your mobile phone as “push-notification”. By unique connection to these signals, the orders are automatically placed and executed according to the analysis that was the basis of the signal. It should be remembered that orders can be subsequently modified easily, after their own analysis or preferences, the functions of take profit, stop loss, or the percentages for sale for various targets, changing very simply.

What other functions does VENBOT offer?

The application aims to make trading as enjoyable as possible and on the meaning of all, also offering:

  • A friendly interface, accessible from any device, both desktop and portable, as well as creating an account with only a valid email address.
  • Possibility to trade with personal technical indicators or subscribe to the automatic signals that are sent directly to the user through the application.
  • Unique wallet to save you from the headaches of creating and managing multiple accounts on different exchanges. With one account you can trade on multiple platforms (such as: Binance, Bittrex, Bybit). The wallet is fully secured, encrypted, and the unused funds are put into a cold storage where you only have access.
  • Trailing Stop – Loss, which means placing a stop loss that tracks your profit percentages, moving automatically.
  • Simple and fast order management, whenever it is possible to intervene in real time to adjust the orders placed, directly in the application.
  • BTC, ETH and USDT wallets for deposit and trading
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What’s next ?

VENBOT is constantly evolving and new functions are under development.

“We are trying to identify the demand of traders in their trading experience and add them to the application. Our goal is to develop a friendly and easy-to-use tool for cryptocurrency trading ”,

explains Vili Vatafu for GDB.

If you want to test it too, the VENBOT team is available for 24/7 support on the Discord channel and on the Telegram.

I invite you to test the application and leave a feedback in the comment box.