Aqua Computer high flow NEXT in the test – Much more than just an accurate flow meter. He just can’t speak yet.

Aqua Computer high flow NEXT in the test – Much more than just an accurate flow meter. He just can’t speak yet.

With the Aqua Computer high flow NEXT, the Swiss Army Knife for custom loops with lots of functions and accuracy has been available for just under 70 euros since this year. Does anyone remember the test of all the flow meters and the terrific failure of all the display toys that weren’t even suitable for an estimate? At the time I was not only annoyed about the lack of quality, but branded it almost as a rip-off.

And now comes another colored part with a display and RGB? Far from it, because the component tested today is good. I just have to explain it in detail first, because it’s definitely worth it.

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With the high flow NEXT, Aqua Computer again relies on the tried and tested and somewhat cheaper turbine principle, but with 2 magnets and two appropriately selected Hall sensors. Together with the complex storage and calibration ex works, the aim is to achieve an accuracy of +/- 2.5% over the entire measuring range from 40 to 1000 l / h. That works, as far as I can spoiler it, quite well (in places even much more precisely), but only if the positioning is really ideal. Installed horizontally and without directly screwed elbows in the flow, you can trust this part without repeating the test candidates’ suicidal helicopter flight under the living room sofa from 2020.

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Scope of delivery and functionality

Ok, let’s get to the scope of delivery. You get the flow sensor, a USB-2 connection cable for the internal hub on the motherboard and a kind of quick start guide. The rest should be downloaded from the homepage and, if necessary, printed out, because the range of functions is already considerable. There is no more, purely externally visible, but the values ​​are anyway inside the high flow NEXT ..

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With which we would have elegantly arrived at what the part can do. And that is quite a lot. Of course, you can first measure the flow rate in l / h, i.e. do the primary task. That’s what you bought the whole thing for in the end. I already said something about the turbine and the manufacturer has immortalized the details in a video on YouTube. I don’t have to ruminate all of this here. It is also a fact that the initial production problem is well under control after a recall and the flow meter is now absolutely inaudible.

He also measures the temperatures exactly, which I was able to prove with a counter test. This even works below 20 ° C and I couldn’t measure more than 45 ° C anyway due to a lack of intent (and possibilities). In this area, the deviations are now below the tolerance range of my own equipment. So it fits perfectly and, above all, it measures very quickly. You can read more about the data of this temperature sensor below in the inserted data sheet. In the end, it is only important that it works precisely enough. But that is exactly what it does.

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Another gimmick, which is actually not at all, is the evaluation of the electrical conductivity of the coolant in µS/cm! Normal, pre-clarified tap water starts at around 200 to 300 µS/cmwhat I once used here for the visual representation (water tap de luxe Chemnitz). For comparison, pure distilled water has a conductivity of only 20 µS / cm, especially demineralized (fully demineralized water) even 10 µS / cm, both of which are of course much better suited for our purposes in the water cycle.

Because the conductivity is influenced by ionically dissolved substances (ions). Salts, acids and alkalis break down into positively charged cations and negatively charged anions. So z. B. Table salt (NaCl) in water to sodium ions (Na +) and chloride ions (Cl-). The so-called deionized water has a particularly low conductivity, as only about every billionth water molecule (H.2O) breaks down into the ions H + and OH-. However, normal distilled water is also sufficient, especially since the conductivity increases slightly again when it comes into contact with air and through additives to protect against corrosion. You can of course overdo it.

Since not every user is a walking compendium who has the individual values ​​in his head like a compendium, the water quality shows the evaluated variant analogously. In my tap water test, the absolute shame limit is also reached here with 0%. That definitely needs to be swapped. Seen in this way, the visual inventory of the current quality is good for recognizing components that are dissolving.

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The display can be used as a nice, exclusive display without further evaluation, since all data is also displayed here. Then you just have to connect the part to the internal USB 2.0 port using the supplied USB cable (attention, pay attention to the polarity!) And configure it with the pushbuttons on the top. For those who want to be even more precise: There are also connections for the sensors and the Aqua-Bus on the back. With the Aqua Suite, the whole thing can also be elegantly controlled and configured even further; the license is included with the device. And the RGB fetishists will cheer: entire LED strips can be connected to the RGB output. If the motherboard can be switched to up to 2 amps at the hub (Power USB), then up to 10 watts can be used as a light column.

Well, that should be enough at this point, because I’m writing a test here and not a manual or PR texts for marketing. I therefore save myself the manual creation of a table with copied manufacturer data and instead embed the original document from Aqua Computer:

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53293 – high flow NEXT

And finally the manual so that you can find out before buying whether it is really worthwhile for you, including the effort. Whereby the price is very tempting. A little tip: it is currently still the cheapest from the manufacturer.


Aqua Computer Durchflusssensor high flow NEXT (53293)

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