Arctic Freezer 33 TR cooling test

Arctic Freezer 33 TR cooling test

Another cooling for Threadripper comes from Arctic. This is a Freezer 33 TR model that looks very similar to the normal design. So will it be able to handle something much more powerful?

The appearance of the Arctic Freezer 33 TR

The cooling is packed in a black and red package. Of course, the color scheme depends on the chosen cooling color. Together with it, we get a tube of MX-4 paste, additional clips for the fan and a mounting system. The manual is not included, which is a pity, because the installation of the Freezer 33 TR is not so trivial. The warranty is as high as 10 years – Arctic is very confident in its product.

Cooling is available in two versions – red and white. They both look really nice. The entire heat sink is black and colored inserts are present on the fan. This solution can be liked especially if someone is not a fan of LEDs. Cooling differs from the normal version with the stand, which is much longer and therefore suitable for a Threadripper. The other things are the same – four 6 mm heat pipes in contact with the processor, 49 aluminum fins or the BioniX F120 fan, the test of which you can see at this link.

Test platform

Tests and summary

Cooling is surprising in the tests. Contrary to all expectations, it beats Noctua NH-U12 S TR4-SP3. I was so impressed that I repeated the Arctic and Noctua cooling tests – nothing has changed. The Freezer 33 TR therefore surprises with its performance. In terms of work culture, it is like in the case of its predecessor – at maximum speed it is terribly loud, at 1200 RPM it is relatively quiet and at 800 RPM you will not hear cooling.

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The Arctic Freezer 33 TR costs about PLN 200. It is definitely worth the money. The build quality is good and the cooling looks great. The performance results are surprising – they are really great for such a structure. Only a high-end working culture could be better. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth buying a Freezer 33 TR for Threadripper – you will not regret it.