Así luce el port de Dying Light para Nintendo Switch: 720p @ 30-36 FPS

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It seems that Techland has done a very good job carrying Dying Light, a game that seemed impossible to run on the Nintendo Switch portable console due to the power and age of its Nvidia Tegra SoC, and more considering that more powerful consoles, such as the Xbox One or the PlayStation, were content to run the game at 30 FPS.

In the case of the Switch, that refresh rate is maintained, but of course, both in the Dock and playing portable, the game offers a resolution of 720p, although there is a trick, since it is used the TAAU scaling (temporary anti-aliasing with upscaling) so that when connected to the TV, a 1080p resolution is offered, which implies that a degradation of visual quality is noticed when you move, and that is that when you stay still, the rescaling offers a higher visual quality .

Obviously, you have to make sacrificesAs significantly lower shadow resolution, vegetation shadows have disappeared, texture quality is affected by both characters and world textures, and motion blur is absent. The details of the most distant objects have been reduced, the lighting details, there is popping, and of course, it is the price to pay to play Dying Light on this console. At least the performance is decent, since it always tends to move between the 30 and 36 FPS.

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