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DAYUN Zig Z1 – It is expected that the first ASIC will be released with the capture of the Lyra2 REV2 algorithm called DAYUN Zig Z1

Specification of DAYUN Zig Z1

Specification of DAYUN Zig Z1

The specification of DAYUN Zig Z1 is a monster machine with power of about 1200 w and 6.8 GH / s. When converting the hash power called 6.8 GH / s with 1080 Ti, it means that it is 97 sheets. The 28 nm based ASIC corresponding to this Lyra 2 REV 2 algorithm seems to be already sold at a price range of about 8000 – 9000 dollars.

Virtual currency using the Lyra2 REV2 algorithm

The virtual currencies adopting the Lyra2 REV2 algorithm are as follows.

  1. Monacoin (MONA)
  2. Vertcoin (VTC)
  3. Verge (XVG)
  4. Hanacoin (HANA)
  5. Straks (STAK)
  6. Galactrum (ORE)
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DAYUN Zig Z1 Profit Projection

It is forecast of profit calculated by electricity charge of 25 yen.

 MONA mining volumeDollar converted revenue
1 hour2 sheets$ 2.10
1 day52 sheets$ 50.40
1 week368 sheets$ 352.83
1 month1578 sheets$ 1,512.12
1 year19203 sheets$ 18,397.45

It can be said that the mining revenue of the virtual currency that adopts the Lyra2 REV2 algorithm will worsen further. Especially GPU minor may be quite severe.

However, as for monacoin (MONA), I have a premonition that it seems to change the algorithm. In that case, ASIC buyers will lose.

There is also possibility of Scam

Strangely, the total hash rate of the Lyra2 REV2 algorithm has no visible change. This means that DAYUN Zig Z1 may be in manufacturing or possible scam.

Please be careful enough.

Profit of DAYUN Zig Z1

There was also information that “Manufacturers are squeezing production volume”, but it seems that the mainland of China is sold without restrictions.

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The interest per day is about 8,000 (profitability May vary)

Note- The information for the DAYUN ZIG Z1 was calculated based on you living in Japan.