ASIC Miner – Best Beginner’s Guide To How Does it all Works

ASIC Miner - Best Beginner's Guide To How Does it all Work

ASIC Miner – Bitcoin mining has experienced tremendous changes since its launch in 2009. Bitcoin was exploited by CPUs, and because of the advanced computing, it became more complicated and the CPU was not able to mine coins. To this end, miners introduced what they call a new approach to graphics processing unit (GPU) mining bitcoin. The GPU increases the speed at which coins are mined and uses less power.

However, in 2011, bitcoin mining hardware turned out to be a more complicated matter. This is why different manufacturers now believe that it is necessary to develop new specific bitcoins, which can be run on a field programmable gate array processor (FPGA). Currently, it has industry-leading, and bitcoin mining runs in the ASIC application-specific integrated circuit. This is a microchip created and used for the main purpose of mining bitcoin at super-fast speeds.

What is an ASIC miner?

One representative ASIC- specific integrated circuit appears to be an integrated circuit for a particular use and is not necessarily used for a general purpose. ASIC miners are the most developed and advanced technology in mining and these miners exceed their ancestors such as CPU, GPU, and more. When Bitcoin’s ASIC chip can be used alone, it comes to Bitcoin mining (although there are some rare ones). The ASIC chip guarantees speed, productivity and the cost of a given miner. This is because if their elements are not met, mining will be neither beneficial nor in some cases even expensive. The chip is part of the miners’ most consumed power. Some people combine chips and drills produced by the company.

ASIC chips are designed for use together with mining rigs. The chip is designed in such a way that they tap coins and make the process more efficient, especially when comparing GPU stacks. The power miner ASIC is 100 times more hashed because it reduces power consumption compared to using the aforementioned techniques. Most experts believe that ASIC is the ultimate in the bitcoin mining process because there is no technology that can be replaced in the near future. The good thing about ASICs is that they can do bitcoin calculations on blockchain at superfast speeds without the processing of other bitcoin miners.

Since microchips are specifically designed and invented to perform a single task, creating them can be very expensive and time consuming, but they have unbeatable speed. In addition, ASICs have advantages in FPGAs, GPUs, and CPUs because they are designed to mine bitcoin at higher hash rates. The ASIC is a microchip that allows miners to use hardware designed specifically for Bitcoin and other SHA-256 digital coins. Bitmain, the Beijing-based Bitcoin mining giant, released its first miner in May 2016.

Here are some common brands of Bitcoin ASIC miners:

Behind the company’s Antminer is the largest supplier of Bitcoin mining tools. This is the producer of one of the most effective miners. The price of the miners at Bitmain is about $1,100 and those offer a 3 month warranty. These mining equipment is approximately 8 to 14 TH / s and the number varies based on the mode you choose to use. Some users have recorded miners’ instability based on batch and model. Profitability and cost depend primarily on the type of miner you are using.

Long Mining

One of the best ASIC miners in 2018 is that Long Mining is starting out as a brand new ASIC startup. After the establishment was launched, the company has announced their Dragonmint T16. Many people believe that the dragon is the most capable and efficient ASIC miner of all times. Currently, it competes with Bitmain because it is considered the best ASIC miner. The company has even released the benefits of contact miners and is trying to build a trust and credibility for the company’s advertising with miners. The team said that there are millions of dollars invested in the development of the product. The Dragonmint T16 has been delivered in very first March 2018. This professional hardware mining equipment runs at 220 – 240 V. It is recommended that users run it with an additional Dragonmint power supply. This miner consumes 0.075 joules / GH and is hashed at the 16th / second.

Canaan Idea

Canaan is recognized as one of the most stable bitcoin miners. It uses up to 4 miners in an Avalon controller on a single network. The mining equipment costs about $700, but many users claim that it is not as effective as some Bitmain miners. These mining equipment has 7.3 TH / sec.

The team behind Baikal has been researching and developing technology. Since 2008 the team has created SHA 256 algorithm chips as early as 2013 and has a lot of experience in this area, they have to learn a lot. Currently, Baikal has four product lines, including Giants B, N, X10 and Canada. The company also provides services to its users, such as mining tutorials, after-sales services, active customer support centers, etc.

Ebon must combine the capabilities of efficiency and stability. It is the only miner using a 14-nanometer process. The price of Ebon is about $700 – $1,100 for models from 6.3 to 9 TH / sec.

BitFury does not provide consumers with quality products to users. However, there are also immersion cooling benefits. BitFury is about $1 million for mobile bitcoin mining units.


GekkoScience has been created by a small mining company from the United States. The company produces USB micro miners. It integrates existing ASICs for their miners. GekkoScience 2 PAC, for example, cannot be profitable.

News Latest: Manufacturer of New Mining ASIC Chipset – Samsung

April 12, 2018 : MyRig (the mining online retailer rig) has caused a lot of excitement through Twitter. MyRig啾啾 and the chip picture claimed that it was produced by Samsung. There are rumors that the technology giant has begun to produce ASIC chips since last year, but the buyer is unknown. Some people think that Samsung sells its ASIC chip Dragon Mining for their DragonMint T1 miners. All in all, this new product may cause Samsung to become one of the most sought-after ASIC chip manufacturers, and the company itself is likely to have sufficient resources to meet demand.

How does ASIC miners work?

ASIC miners can be pre-manufactured specifically for an application and manufactured for a specific customer application. Custom manufacturing ASICs typically use devices from a library of “building block” components. ASIC miners consist of mining software, ASIC chips, power supplies and fans. Mining rigs are a group of processors, fans, ASIC miners and more.

To understand how miners work with ASIC, which one would suit you best, you don’t need to be a mining expert. You can go for $ 30 for USB miners such as Sapphire BlackErupters , also equipped with a low-power hash of 330MH / sec. This will only give you 1% of the district. Mainly for this reason you need to invest in the ASIC miners at the most, when you close the plan to enter the high-end bitcoin mining hardware. One of the best chips currently available is the high hash rate of 14.0 TH / s from the Antminer S9. Since the high power required by S9 exceeds the power supply type of 1275 watts, you can choose to use dual

  • 110V power module, such as gold rated kilowatt PSU
  • ASIC watt miner with 650 watt power supply

Start now:

  • Connect to the power module using the PCIe cable of your PSU to connect to the S9. Once you are done, the miners automatically connect to the Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the power, and the miner will start working
  • Your PC is connected to the same network miner

How to use ASIC miners?

There are some calculations you need to consider before you start digging coins. Although most people will choose to mine bitcoin directly from the comfort of their house, it has been working hard to generate income for home-based miners. Before you decide to join the ranks of bitcoin mining, it’s important to determine if it’s worth the effort. You can do this by calculating and evaluating different factors. It’s only after you can build your hardware, you can dig coins or buy mining rigs and join the highly competitive industry.

do you need:

  • You need an ASIC miner.
  • Software such as BBFInner and CGMiner
  • The Bitcoin Mining Calculator helps you understand the mining of altcoins, and the results will depend on the computing power of your ASIC miner’s gadget.
  • Extra radiator – you can use an extra fan.
  • Bitcoin wallets, a place where earned rewards are stored in the form of cryptocurrency.
  • Pool mining accounts, you can use the mud pool.
  • Your ASIC miner’s gadget is connected to the PC.
  • The result of calculating bitcoin will be the use of bitcoin mining calculator revenue.
  • The ASIC miner is connected to the pool for excavation. Sign up for a mud pool if you don’t have a pool mining account.
  • The configuration of the pool mining. A common configuration is the address of the server pool and port.
  • Visit your CGMiner or BBFInner software.
  • Please enter your address pool, port, username and password to mine your preferred software.
  • Start running the software and start the mining process in Bitcoin.

How to choose the best ASIC miner?

Currently, the ASIC miner is a leading bitcoin mining hardware. When looking for the best ASIC mining gear to buy, there are some parameters you need to consider. In addition, you need to get the most out of a miner who is perfect for an ASIC compared to getting it: the best for your needs.

These parameters include:

  • Hash rate
  • effectiveness
  • price

The following is a brief description of each parameter:

Rate Hash: Hash hash or power rate defined as the CAN BE coagulation bit computing process credits network A which determines how powerful miner bit credits Yes. When choosing your ASIC miner, it’s important to see how many hashes it can generate per minute. Get a higher number of miners with a hash rate because it means it is more efficient and allows you to earn more. For example, Antminer S9 is known to have a maximum hash rate of 14 TeraHash / sec.

Efficiency: In addition to searching: The best Bitcoin ASIC miners, the most effective in finding a person’s will is also important. Since mining requires a lot of power, you need to make sure that your bitcoin miners can convert a large amount of electricity into a bitcoin investment.

Price: Obviously, the use of electricity and efficiency is some of the most important considerations of the will to choose the miner: the best ASIC. However, you have to understand that a cheap ASIC mine union produces fewer coins. Of course, you can invest in the most efficient and fastest ASIC miners so that you can generate a lot of coins. Remember that hash power and price shouldn’t be the only thing to see the best miners. Your main goal should be to look for value, remember that the best hardware is one that is effective.

ASIC miners comparison

For bitcoin miners who are planning to buy many rigs, here is a comparison of the most decent transactions for bitcoin mining hardware. However, the miners can be used to mine DASH and Litecoin at the same time .

Antminer S9

Antminer S9

The S9 Antminer through Bitmain is another addition to the Antminer series, which offers an amazing level of hashrate, which is maintained at 14 TH / sec. In fact, this is just the league that entered the high-end miners. In addition, the power is consumed very efficiently at only 0.1 J per GH / s. The downside, however, is largely priced. You can get a new Antminer S9 about 2000 $ – $ 2100 This miner’s price may be what makes it stand out and become a professional level miner.

  • Can generate 0.02148734 BTC in one month if you pay $0.1/kWh.
  • Power efficiency of 0.098 Joules / GH.
  • 12.93 TH / s hash rate.
  • 1375 watts of power consumption.
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Dragonmint 16T

Dragonmint 16T

The Dragonmint 16T is the hardware of the Bitcoin miners who are considered one of the best ASIC miners of the past few days. This mining technology provides a yield of 134% based on the current effective quantity. The annual rate of return is around 74%.

  • The miner type is SHA 256, which has a hash rate of 16,000 GH / s.
  • The cost per GH / s is $ 0.17
  • The profit for the month is 0.0160 BTC today and 0.1916 BTC per year.

Avalon 7


In the release of December 2016, in Canaan Creative, Avalon 7, which is also known as Avalon’s 721 manufacturing will most popularly buy ASIC bitcoin miners constantly . However, as its announcement came back in 2016, the miners may not be able to compete with another giant that currently exists in the mining industry. Avalon 7 offers a high decent hashrate of 6 TH / s. In addition, it works in power between the range of 850 W – 1000 W than in S9, and the AVALON hashrate 7 offer is half of the S9. Still, the AVALON 7 fee is much less than that. But with the primary focus of profitability, all miners’ AVALON 7 may not be able to bring a good level of profit far from Bitcoin mining.

  • Has a hash rate of 6 TH / s
  • 850-1000W power consumption
  • Power efficiency 0.29 joules / GH
  • If you pay $0.1/kWh, you can generate 0.00744341 BTC bitcoin for one month.

Baikal Giant Series


The Baikal Giants series are quite famous because they are powerful and efficient for those who exploit cryptocurrency.

  • Baikal Giant B produces 0.01093 BTC per week and 0.04327 per month profit. The Baikal giant B has a hash rate of 160 GH / s. It consumes 410W of power.
  • The Baikal Giant X10 has a hash rate of 10 GH / s. It consumes power worth $1.81 per day to generate 0.011127 BTC per month for 0.0423047 BTC.
  • The Baikal giant miners have a hash rate of 20 to 40 kHz/sec. Weekly electricity costs – 0.000108 BTC and – 0.0004649 BTC per month. Miners generate 0.00486 BTC per month at 0.004 BTC.
  • Finally, Baikal Giant + has a hash rate of 2000 MH / s. The electricity cost of this miner is worth – 0.0007768 BTC per week and – 0.00333245 BTC per month. However, miners generate 0.001216,107 BTC per month for 0.00249738 BTC per week.

Antminer R4

The Antminer-R4

The Antminer R4 produced by Bitmain is quite popular because it is designed to be used at home. For this reason, this particular ASIC miner has a very low level of noise. It would not be wrong to say that this is indeed the miners 2 timescompare with the most efficient IT Antminer of S9. One disadvantage of this miner is that at a price of $ 1000, it is designed for amateurs to be quite expensive and home miners. According to the specification, R4 Antminer may be 8.6 TH / sec, which makes its hash 2 times the fastest of miners after S9 Antminer popular.

  • Ability to mine 0.01254493 BTC a month if you pay $0.1/kWh.
  • Has a hash rate of 8.6 TH / s
  • Power efficiency of 0.1J / GH

Antminer D3

The Antminer D3

The Antiminer D3 is one of the most expensive ASIC miners out there in 2018! It is made by Bitmain, which is a reputable company in the world of mining hardware. The ASIC miner is dedicated to DASH, which is currently being enjoyed in view of increasing popularity and attention. You can get Antminer D3 about 2699 $, which is quite expensive. However, at the cost of paying, you will get a high hashrate of 15 GH / s with a power consumption of 1200W. Therefore, a 1200 W power supply will have to be purchased along the edge.

  • Has a hash rate of 15 GH / s
  • Ability to dig 0.00149674 BTC BTC for one month if you pay $0.1/kWh.
  • 1200 watts of power consumption
  • 93% power efficiency

The Antminer S7

The Antminer S7

The S7 Antiminer released in 2015 through Bitmain is currently one of the best ASIC miners available. The S7 Miner offers a high hashrate of 4.73 TH / s to work very efficiently for every GH / s for just 25J. One of the main advantages of one of the miners is that it falls into a reasonable price range of $400 – $500 (variation within the range between prices). Although it has some positive aspects related to it, there are some shortcomings. Perhaps the biggest drawback of S7 miners is that it can be very noisy (62 dB). In addition to this, the higher end PSU will need to be used due to high power (1340 watts).

  • Now it’s not profitable – it produces 0.00006500 BTC in a month or even 0.1 USD / kWh
  • Power efficiency of 0.25 Joules / GH.
  • 4.73 TH / s hash rate.
  • 1293 watts of power consumption.

Jackson SP 20


Also known as SP20 Jackson, Spondoolies stopped producing the miner back in 2016 however, this is quite effective for its price. Mainly dedicated to bitcoin mining, it is difficult to say whether this piece of hardware will still bring any significant profits. This is because it only provides 1.7 TH / s which is quite low compared to other top competitors such as Antminer S9’s maximum hashrate. However, since it currently costs only about $100-$110 this could be a good deal for lovers and bedroom miners. At higher speeds, however, the unit is called to get really hot. Moreover, this is not very effective in terms of all power consumption. But about a hundred dollars, it really is not a bad experimental agreement.

  • Achieved with a hash rate of 1.7 TH / s
  • 0.9 W / GH power efficiency
  • Fee $110

Antminer L3 +

Antminer L3 +

With a small amount of power and relatively low fan noise consumption, the Antminer L3+ is perfect for both enthusiasts and professional miners. Since this is more compact than other ASIC miners, L3+ can be easily stored and kept safe. The L3+ is indeed the most strongly recommended miner. However, the amount of L3+ there is small. This is the primary reason, this beast hardware is not cheap. Also, remember that you will have to purchase a PSU (power unit) to run this beast separately.

  • For mine Litecoin-converted to BTC you will make 0.02114706 BTC a month if your electricity costs $0.1/kWh.
  • Has a hash rate of 504MH / s
  • 800W power consumption
  • Price $ 2900

April 10, 2018 : The rumor about the launch of the first revenge ASIC miner was confirmed by Bitmain. Rumors about this new mining revenge opportunity have emerged since February 2018 and managed to raise a hype to discover its way even in CNBC’s news. CNBC’s news has expressed concern that this can be done by hurting their needs and is currently in the ascendant to create Nvidia and AMD, the problem.

Right now, Bitmain is preparing its supply chain in the process and is ready to start shipping. The price of the Antminer E3 is $800, and the company will start shipping from the second quarter of 2018 (sometimes in July). So far, the company has put restrictions on buyers from Taiwan and China.

ASIC miners additional equipment

Some of the extra things you need include:

  • The power supply is at the ASIC miners.
  • The cooling fan, when it overheats the cooling ASIC.
  • The ASIC used is connected to an additional cable for the power supply.

ASIC’s impact on cryptocurrencies

Initially, bitcoin mining has been so simple that people can do it with the CPU, which is part of a personal computer. However, later, when the difficulty of bitcoin mining and the demand for bitcoin increased, CPU technology was no longer as effective as in the past. Today, it is even impossible to mine bitcoin CPUs. It is for this reason that it is a very necessary technology, such as miners ASIC.

ASIC is a specialized technology, which means it is only used in mines and has a very high hash rate and efficiency. The best ASIC chip miners run bitcoin worth thousands of dollars a month. Due to the release of ASIC miners, some companies have started mining sites, which means they have a lot of mining equipment and mine bitcoin all the time. A similar company, however, has a hard time finding a location where electricity is cheap, there are two mining equipment and there is plenty of room for miners to cool the fan after working tightly. ASIC miners got more or less concentrated in the process of blockchain verification for some companies to start my full-time job.

What is is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that comes from Slovenia, Ljublijana. Nice Hash is Malcolc. Balasubra and MatjažŠkorjanc were founded in 2014. The main focus of the platform is to connect miners who sell off power with those who are interested in buying bulk power. However, these services and products Nice Hash does not limit mining with cloud only. It also provides a lot of useful tools, such as miners’ profit calculations, which calculate the profitability of various CPU, GPU and ASIC miners. Nice Hash has its own mining software. The platform also provides people with cryptocurrency wallets that can store their digital currency.

Owner mining ASIC hardware, you can become a seller of hash power , or in other words, a miner. The hash power you sell will be directed to the pool, where buyers choose to start digging. Then you will use the bitcoin to pay for the given price based on the current weighted average to determine the effective share after each submission. The process is refreshed every minute. You don’t have to be a very technically savvy person to get involved in this process, because the above stages are mainly automated.

Mining Cryptocurrency does not have a typical ASIC miner

Despite the proposed investment in ASIC miners, there are other ways to mine cryptocurrency. They include:

  • Pool>>Mining This is one of the few terms in which to mine users to contribute their own computing power to creating conditional blocks. The pool resolves the block to obtain a reward, whereby the reward is based on sharing between the members of the contribution processing capability.
  • >> Miner USB This is the process of mining cryptocurrencies by connecting USB devices to your PC. As I wrote above, they are not effective and are considered a waste of time.
  • With CPU Mining : All you need is a PC with a powerful processor. This is not recommended because today is not efficient, so you will dig for a few years with your computer without getting even a small portion of Bitcoin.

In summary

ASIC miners are a rising star in bitcoin mining and have the latest and most efficient mining hardware that Bitcoin mining is easy to make. It has provoked an unimaginable feeling that has given many investors a good reason to join the ranks. With the introduction of ASIC bitcoin miners, bitcoin calculations are processed at super-fast speeds, and they use less energy each time they generate bitcoin than previous machines.

Thank you for reading. I hope that you have the information you are looking for. Welcome to visit our website to learn more.

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BEST bitcoin mining software in 2018? | ANYTHING CRYPTO

When you start mining bitcoin you first need to buy the hardware, and then you need to set up the hardware. Many people think this second step is difficult.

This guide answers common questions around the Bitcoin mining software, for example, if it’s free, or if it’s dangerous to install on a PC; and at the bottom, we’ve listed the best mining software for 2018 (also available from A similar comparison in 2017, but many of them seem to be outdated and we hope to provide more advanced and up-to-date information).

First, Bitcoin around the world taps some common questions:

What is bitcoin mining?

A “Bitcoin Miner” is the hardware that runs in a person who has calculated the target of a new block hash on the bitcoin network (the block is the Bitcoin transaction store). This is done by running mining software; ASIC products you usually run software in the ASIC itself and mine the software running on your connected device/PC (often called “host”) for the CPU/GPU. More information on Bitcoin’s mining basics here.

What is it in its Bitcoin miners?

In exchange for mining bitcoin, miners accept Bitcoin itself! Mining new blocks, when trading costs, this is in the form of a reward; see this guide for more detailed information on mining rewards. Usually miners are grouped together and share rewards (a group of people gathered together is a “mining pool”).

What ingredients do I need to start digging?

All things you need to start mining bitcoin:

  • Software Mining : Through this setup close-up guide, it’s good to go down.
  • – Hardware Mining : When you use hardware, such as in GPUs, CPUs, ASICs, and more. Known as your “digning hardware.”
  • Computer : If you have a GPU / you need up to a CPU mining on a Windows / Linux / Mac computer.
  • Pool : You can dig out yourself if you want, but many people from the list choose to join a mining pool.
  • Wallet and solve Bitcoin : This is the bitcoin that will be sent by your where clause. You may find our Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking useful coins for monitoring mining.

I dig into a lot of addresses, how can I track?

In general, you only need 1 bitcoin address when mining, because even if you have many miners you can send all the coins to the same address. If you prefer, you can use several though and used software, such as our coin tracker to track all of it (for example, you may need to set up each miner’s own wallet to track performance, or maybe you mine a few Different individuals).

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Second, there are some common problems with Bitcoin mining software around:

And what is the role of mining software?

So, what bitcoin mining software is actually? Why do you need it in the first place? Then generally it does these things:

  • It talks about bitcoin networks and/or mining pools.
  • Your hardware schedules tasks (ie you have to manually configure this software without it).
  • Display useful information like hardware temperature, hash rate and other metrics

Is bitcoin mining software free?

In general, most Bitcoin mining software is free, yes, if you need to pay for it (because this could be a scam, or you might just buy those that don’t require paid software, so you will doubt – because there is some pay Mining software is available).

Do I need a programmer?

No. This is confusing public areas. It is useful to have programming knowledge that is really a general understanding of how a computer works. For example, a web developer (people who build a website for a living) may have no experience with hardware, so it may be difficult to get started with Bitcoin mining. You only need to be willing to learn and research a lot when setting up your miners.

Is bitcoin mining software dangerous to my computer?

This is an area, it’s good, very cautious and skeptical because there are a lot of nasty software in this space designed to steal any Bitcoin computer and/or any mined coin. Generally make sure that any software you download is from a reputable source, has a high number of downloads already, and has good reviews.

Some other risks, pay attention to the surrounding Bitcoin mining:

  • To know cryptojacking, if someone maliciously might need your hashpower control and send any mined coins to their own (this is often on the site, wherever it is intentional or not, there is probably a device like this for me) .
  • In general computer hardware is not going to run like a server 24 hours a day, maybe, so tapping bitcoin can be a long time, can shorten its life every day and lead to unexpected behavior like crash or poor performance. Hardware such as server-level CPUs or ASICs are better for things like mining.
  • Usually you can overclock the hardware to have better performance, you can only do this is your hardware design. If done improperly, this can damage your hardware or have a fire hazard (because it can significantly increase the operating temperature). Even if done correctly, it will be possible to reduce the life of the hardware.

Where do I store my mining coins?

You store the wallet mined by Bitcoin.

I hope we have answered any questions you may have about Bitcoin’s mining and bitcoin mining software. Now we will solve this problem through the best mining software in 2018. We have found the following standards:

  • The software is free.
  • The software is open source and very well supported.
  • The software is supported by several PC operating systems.
  • The software has ASIC product support
  • The software is easy to use.

Note: Some of the built-in software that comes with the mining hardware, such as Antminer. We don’t list this, but usually this is pretty good (suspicious though, you may want to reinstall this software yourself to prevent any potential malware, just make sure this is allowed in advance).

The best bitcoin mining software in 2018


This software is free, open source and good support. You can find the download link to discuss here. Some highlights:

  • Has good PC operating system support (on Windows, Linux and Mac) and shows that it also has extensive support for ASICs.
  • You can do this by running the command line or the user interface called “MultiMiner” (more information on MultiMiner here, and download the link here).


This software is also free, open source and good support. Download the link, you can browse here. Some highlights:

  • Has good PC operating system support (on Windows, Linux and Mac) and also has good ASIC support (supporting ASICs are listed here, some examples of supported ASICs include Antminer U1 / U2 / U2 + / U3 USB, Antminer S1, Avalon4 / 4.1 / 6, Avalon 7, BlackArrow Bitfury, Cointerra, COMPAC bitshopperde and GekkoScience, Hashfast Babyjet and Sierra, and more).
  • You can do this by running a command link or by using the “EasyMiner” user interface. For more information and download links for EasyMiner.

Disclaimer: This website is not a substitute for professional investment advice or financial, or independent factual verification. This guide provides general information only for the purpose. Any encryption is based in the UK and not regulated by the FCA (Financial Behavior Authority). The group personally wrote these guides are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, not financial advisors. The ideas presented are our analysis, learning and opinions on a range of cryptocurrency issues. Trading or mining any form of cryptocurrency is very risky, so never invest money that you can’t afford – you should be prepared to withstand all the losses of all investment funds.

This website is monetized through a member link. When using it, we will reveal that this did not attempt to hide it. We do not endorse that we use any related services – and will not be liable for any damages, expenses, or damages that you may use for any of these losses. Don’t rush to do anything and do your own research. When we write new content, we will update this statement to cover it.

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Technical Bitmain , or Bitmain , is a privately owned company quoted on corporate | headquarters in Beijing China, you, Hong Kong, Fuzhou, the United States, Israel, Netherlands and Netherlands and Switzerland, with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu. They are a bitcoin miner and a designer ASIC chip. [1] The company also operates Antpool, one of the history of the largest pool of bitcoin mining. [2]

Bitmain is highly profitable; analysts estimate that in 2017 the company generated $3-4 billion in profits. [3] However, the company has been criticized because of its advantages in cryptocurrency mining, the position of odds in the principle of decentralization. [4]

History [edit]

Bitmain was hungry by Wu Micree to set up Dragon Battle in 2013 when Bitmain was founded, Wu is a financial analyst, private equity fund manager and Zhan Run DivaIP, which allows users to stream TV through the set-top box to the computer screen launch box. [5] They first met, and Zhan was trying to raise funds to start, but after discovering Bitcoin and becoming the first person to translate the bitcoin white paper from Cong Satoshi, he developed a new ASIC chip. Near Zhan asked for Bitcoin, at which point Bitmain was established. [6]

In May 2016, Bitmain achieved the development of a seed investment horizon, a new platform designed to bring DAO creation and management to the mainstream by presenting a simple UI interface to users. [7]

In May 2017, BitPay announced a development agreement with Bitmain to create miners, mine pools and full carrier nodes to maintain and protect Blockchain trading advanced open source software. [8]

In September 2017, Sequoia and IDG provided the company with $ 100 to support the company’s 50 million artificial intelligence to create innovative chips. [9] [10]

In June 2018, CEO Wu Hanhan told Bloomberg that Bitmain is considering capital production to expand its production hardware IPO. [11] The company completed pre-registration, IPO in August. [12]


BEST Bitcoin Mining Hardware 2018 | 7 Bitcoin Miners have been reviewed

Bitcoin mining has evolved because Bitcoin came into being. In 2009, although mining began as a simple task, even home computers could participate in many. Today, mining is done by ultra-powerful computers designed to be the sole purpose.

Here is what we will walk over in this article:

Evolution of Bitcoin’s mining and mining hardware

Before I enter different miners in the market today, I want to make sure that you are already familiar with what is bitcoin mining. If you already know the purpose of the mining and how it integrates with the Bitcoin network, you can skip this part. If not, here is a video of our Bitcoin mining whiteboard that will speed you up:

As I mentioned earlier, mining has gone from one thing, you can do a specialized career from your own comfortable home, and it takes a lot of time and money to move.

The miners evolved from the use of a personal computer to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and later to the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) before reaching the mining state of their current ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).

Today, if you try to dig with anything other than an ASIC miner, you will be disappointed. ASIC is built specifically for Bitcoin mining, so the most effective type of miners are there. For reference, a single ASIC mine tool has a 700-point GPU equivalent mining power.

Therefore, the large-scale move of miners to ASIC hardware is easy to understand. This clear evidence is the total hashrate of the Bitcoin network, which recently exceeded the incredible milestone of 50 exahash per second (that is 50,000,000,000,000,000,000 hash calculations per second!).

Today’s focus is on creating a more powerful miner to create an ASIC to mine smaller chips. The smaller the chip, the more chips you can put inside a miner, adding to its ability to mine. The smallest chip commercially introduced to date is by Halong Mining and their DragonMint T1 10 nm (nanometer) chips.

Evaluation of miners

When you want to evaluate a miner, there are usually three main factors that you need to check:

Consumer power : How much electricity and miners consume? This is because you have to be important if you tap Bitcoin to run a huge electricity bill. This is measured in watts, the lower the value, the better the effect.

Hashrate : This is how much power the miners must solve in solving mathematical problems. It basically measures how many guesses the miners can do every second. Although PCs can do millions of guesses per second, today’s ASICs can guess 1 x 10^12 per second. The higher your hash rate, the better.

Energy efficiency : This is how your miners are effective. It is the energy measured in the unit of Joule. One watt of power is equal to one joule per second. Another way to look at it is that Joule is watts multiplied by the number of seconds. If this number is low, it means your miner will consume less power and the same amount of work, so it is more efficient.

The miner can have a very high hashrate, but if it’s not efficient, you’ll just end up paying more for the bitcoin it generates. Efficient miners need less power to tap bitcoin.

All of the above factors are important for computational efficiency, so be sure to have them all before you continue.

Once you have this information, you can insert it into a bitcoin mining calculator and estimate how much bitcoin you can mine on a schedule. Keep in mind that this calculation will always be 100% accurate, because you can’t know the exact difficulty measure at the moment or what the price of bitcoin will happen from a week today.

degree of difficulty
Hash rateH / S KH / s MH / s GH / s TH / s PH / s
BTC / USD exchange rate
BTC / seat reward
Swimming pool fee%
Hardware cost (US$)
Power (watt)
Electricity cost (USD/kWh)

Notable mining hardware company

There are indications that the development of ASIC miners is the four largest mining hardware companies. Let us briefly review them.

Bitmain technology

Around the most well-known mining hardware manufacturer, Bitmain was founded in China in 2013 and today has offices in several countries around the world. The company developed Antminers, a series of miners dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash ASIC. Their flagship bitcoin miner is the Antminer S9, which was launched in late 2016 and is also responsible for two of the largest mining pools around: and Antpool.

While Bitmain is respectful of its superior technology and reliable delivery, the company has also criticized many Bitcoin enthusiasts for a variety of reasons:

  • Its ASIC manufacturing and mining industry monopoly
  • It supports and promotes bitcoin cash
  • Suspected anti-competitive behavior

It can be said that Bitmain undeniably succeeded in creating cost realizations across a wide range of powerful and powerful opposition.

Canaan Idea

Canaan was founded in 1983 by Beijing in 2013. Canaan began as an FPGA, before the manufacturer of ASIC mining hardware. In May 2018, Canaan applied for this, which may be A $1 billion IPO listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Canaan’s filing revealed that a high-profit company is responsible for nearly 20% of Bitcoin’s hashrate.

Canaan is the second largest production ASIC in the world. The company has extensive experience in electronic design and production. Canaan is currently innovating new products, a 43-inch “Avalon Inside” TV that can double as a 2.8 TH / s bitcoin miner.

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Obviously, this old industrial player has its ambitious plans for the future.

Long Mining

The latest company on the block is Long Mining. There aren’t many relatively anonymous companies here, but in early 2018, it passed the most powerful Bitcoin miner ever seen: the DragonMint T1. Even though the Bitcoin community is quite skeptical about this new company, such as the description and description have been carried out by miners being delivered.

The most striking thing about Halong Bay is to participate in two well-known parties:

Dragon Mining also cypherpunk legend Adam returned to the tacit approval. Cited by the white paper of Zhiyuan Bitcoin, back to the development of the “Hashcash” verification work system, modify its foundation for the formation of Bitcoin mining.


A senior Bitcoin hardware and software company formed its own large mining operations back in 2011, currently accounting for 2.3% of Bitcoin’s online hashrate.

Bitfury sells BlockBox AC, a 500-square-foot facility that includes 176 miners supplying mining rates of up to 8 PH / s. Of course, this type of equipment is more suitable for large operations than for home mining.

Communicate through Bitfury’s blockbox

The latest bitcoin miner models on the market

Although you can find a wide variety of miners on the market, it is highly recommended to use the latest models there as they will give you the best return on investment. Below is a short overview of the top miners from around the world.

Antminer S9

Deployed in late 2016, this is the flagship miner until recently. The miners are sold by Bitmain, which is usually in batches. If you can’t find stock, you can always look at eBay and get a new one or use one (you are protected by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee Policy). Miners can reach 14 days/second instead of being the latest competitive efficiency.

Most ASICs look almost identical: like a rectangular box with a fan attached

This may be because most of the mining equipment today is based on the Bitmain Antminer S9S, which analyzes the ASIC market’s Bitmain share at 70%-80%. Unlike previous Bitmain models, S9 still mines the profitability of current bitcoin prices and network difficulties, giving low power costs. Therefore, we can consider the old S9 as the industry standard.

DragonMint T1

The latest Bitcoin miners will launch the DragonMint T1, which can reach 16 days / s, which is the most on the market I have seen. The miners are also relatively efficient, which makes it a highly sought-after product. The only downside is that at the moment of writing this article, demand is higher than supply. However, you can still find someone selling it on eBay website.

Avalon 841

In Canaan, released in December 2017, Avalon 841 gave a decent fight to the Antminer S9. It can achieve an average power efficiency of 13.6 Th / sec which is almost equivalent to S9. Pricewise, these miners are almost identical.

Avalon 841

Antminer S9 and DragonMint T1 and Avalon 841


All three miners are similar in size and appearance, although Avalon differs from its single fan design.

Both Antminer S9 and AvalonMiner 841 rely on a 16nm manufacturing process, while T1 is based on a 10nm circuit. Despite its superior miniaturization, the DragonMint T1 is only slightly more effective than the S9. Both ASICs are more effective than 841, however.

The T1 does achieve a higher hashrate than any S9 or 841, so if space is the main constraint for mining operations to give almost equal size to all three miners, then T1 will definitely bring more performance to its size.

At 65 decibels, the 841 is much quieter than either S9 or T1, two of which come in at about 75 decibels. For a home or office miner, the 841 will prove to be the most cautious option to date.

Price, transportation and weight

The current S9 is the cheapest option, but not a lot. The 841 is a little more expensive.

The first batch of DragonMint’s T1 is at $1,595, which is the initial price for the five-year minimum volume order is more expensive. Dragon Mining is currently out of stock, which is unknown when they next batch will be ready to order and at what price. The DragonMint T1 is also more expensive than any Antminer or AvalonMiner, which adds to its transportation costs.

When we put the calculators in the bitcoin mining pits on each other, these miners, we get the results as follows (all variable, but the cost of electricity is constant, is true for August 2018):

Antminer S9

DragonMint T1

Avalaon 841

The DragonMint T1 is clearly about 10% winner in terms of profitability. Keep in mind that hardware costs are not included in the above example. For example, at the time of this writing, the S9 was the cheapest miner on the market. This means that 10% of your profitability and T1 gain can be offset by how much you pay.

The reason I don’t include the price in this article is because these miners tend to sell out quickly, and most of the time people buy them in the secondary market, such as eBay or Amazon, so their prices can vary a lot.

Conclusion: Is this the best bitcoin miner?

The Antminer S9 appeared as the best choice for showing good performance prices. Due to its higher efficiency and higher hashrate, the DragonMint T1 may prove to be the best choice for industrial miners, and this mode should be offered at a significantly lower price. The AvalonMiner 841 is probably the best choice for home miners because of its low noise levels.

Have you tried mining with these miners? Want to share your experience? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

ASIC Miner Wales

The miner Antminer S5+ is a very compact, but for mining family cryptocurrency, which is a high performance device executed by Hash SHA-256 script.

Bitmain Antminer S5 – a profitable mining bitcoin just at home

Compact, low power and easy to use – this is his Antminer S5 . This Bitcoin miner is perfect for use at home. A user-friendly interface combined with powerful software allows you to make a lot of money without leaving the couch.

Is this the S5 under Antminer ?

Despite its compact size, the Ashic Mine tool has good handling capabilities. Therefore, the first thing to take care of the manufacturer became the ventilation system. The unusual solution that repels the upper and lower panels enables its maximum ventilation. The front unit almost completely occupies the 120 ml cooler. Rear projection – almost passed. Such design decisions have led to the creation of a continuous air passage from the fan unit and through the plates. As a result, Ashic miners have accelerated the cooling system and users – access any feeder network and terminals. In order for the Antminer S5 to be overheated, it is also equipped with two powerful heat sinks located on the work board. Their side effects – the decline in noise-contaminated equipment. All of these design decisions have led to the fact that the Antminer S5 is the ideal model for use at home.

On the basis of completion, review the general specifications of the collection ASIC miner Antminer S5 +:

– Effective heshreyt: 7722 R / S ± 5%;

– Chip model: BM1384 + (432);

– Technology. Chip manufacturing process: 28 nm;

– The interface is connected to the network: Ethernet;

– a cooling system with 6 blades of 200 mm diameter and a distributed system of radiators;

– Power consumption: 3700 watts;

– Power supply voltage: 12V;

– Energoeffekivnost: 0.445 joules / RT;

– Dimensions: 275 mm (length) × 372 mm (width) × 155 mm (height).

– Equipment weight: 11 kg;

Bitcoin miner- Antminer S5 : hardware components

Bitcoin miners work in two groups of parallel plates. Each of them has 15 chips BM1384, manufactured according to 28-nm process technology. Therefore, it is possible to obtain the energy efficiency of the Asik miner Antminer S5 at acommon hash speed of 1155 rpm and 0.51 Joule/GH. This is another device that is conducive to the use of the family in the Assic miners – mining bitcoin .

The miner Antminer S5 is connected to the network via the network controller firmware directly installed on the two horizontal boards described above. Each has two 6-pin power connectors (PCI-E type). In order for bitcoin miners towork properly, you need to connect two.

The standard equipment model does not include a power supply.

At S5 Antminer : Program mnoe Software

Each device mining brand Bitmain has dedicated software with a friendly user interface. For any management system it is a separate window label. Users get a lot of opportunities to configure and monitor device parameters. Not only in real time, but also in statistical tables.

Buy ASIC miners today.

Antminer S5 equipment mining Bitcoin ‘s global brand Bitmain is designed in such a way that it’s every task to cope with very clear. Quiet and powerful, it has a compact size and a good bundle, provided by a network controller with functionality. The device is the perfect home for mining bitcoin .

Here you can buy Shuo miners in Ukraine at the cheapest price. Bitcoin miners ASIC can be purchased in Kiev, Odessa, Cherkasy.

ASIC Miner | 180 Day Warranty


– For all your questions, please write here. The call from the unknown number is not connected. I called back when he otpishite on OLX or send a text message to my room, especially the content you are interested in. There are telegrams and Viber. Just too much spam! –

Through the development of the company Dragon Mining, it is able to compete and even surpass the new miners of Bitmain S9 Antminer.

Its advantage in S9:

1. The unit price is 1 TH / s preorder. In Drago 1 TH / s you pay about $200, every 1 point TH S9 (13.5 TH / sec) / s you pay ~ 240 dollars

2. Power consumption per 1 TH / s. The Drago is 92.5 watts per 1 TH / s. At S9 (13.5 TH / sec) is 101 W for 1 TH / sec.

3. The urgency in the future. S9 is out of date. In the future, due to the increasing complexity of the SHA-256 algorithm, the S9 is quickly due to its competitors, especially with Drago 16 TH / s and lower power consumption of 1 TH / s Compare the negative master of small capacity.

There are 2 types of pre-available available to be different from the shipping date.

1. The price is $2,200. Shipped until July 14, 2018, but can come 2 weeks earlier.

2. The price of $3,550. Shipped until June 11, 2018, but can come 2 weeks earlier.

The road from China takes a month from two weeks, the maximum period of insurance covered by the contract.

The warranty 180-day warranty is in most cases closed within 1-5 days in Ukraine.

The price is without power. The power source 150 is further USD.

The price may be an individual for an order for two devices. Or if you have what predzakazyvat or buy in front of us.

Terms and conditions: 100% payment

Our conclusion is the equipment supply contract.

Copies of the contract without personal data will be posted via email or personal information.

If you are new to mining, the agreement stipulates your main training and assistance within a month. You will learn to go to ASIC and customize to create a pool to mine an account and adjust the payment to the Ukrainian stock exchange in order to facilitate your encrypted wallet. As the most profitable, cryptocurrency is sold through the stock exchange, and the output is already on the card.

Processing capacity: 16 TH / s ± 10%

Hash function: SHA-256

Power consumption 1480 w ^

Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C

Network connection: Ethernet

Dimensions: 340 mm (length) * 125 mm (W) * 155 mm (H)

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Peercoin, Electronic Marker (DEM), and in this algorithm and so on.

The Security Council saves as a law on electricity: setting a multi-zone counter 2 fare, then the cost of electricity will be ~17% lower.

Is the order of conclusions of the contract and payment: see you in my office, discuss the contract, all your questions, research documents complement each other, go to the PrivatBank department, and check the authenticity of the banknotes, store them In an envelope, the envelope is sealed and, of course, it still has you. Then we went back to the office and signed the supply contract. I signed the money I received.

The order of the transmission equipment is: you come to the office, set up and use your test equipment, and let us see if it meets the behavior of the receiving and transmitting equipment that has been specified in the contract with you.

– For all your questions, please write here. The call from the unknown number is not connected.

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