Asic Miners Obelisk DCR1 and SC1 Review | Profit | Specs

Asic Miners Obelisk DCR1 and SC1 Review | Profit | Specs

Check out the profitability, hashrate, specifications and review of the ASIC Miners DCR1 and SC1. The obelisk has announced the release of ASIC miners for Siacoin and Decred. Let’s see if it’s worth buying these cars.

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Obelisk developers say that the release of ASIC miners for SIA and DCR is due to an attempt to protect these networks from 51% attack. At the moment, 2 million graphics cards are occupied in the Ethereum mining world.

SIA mine 200 thousand video cards. The two largest Ethereum pools in the world have at their disposal 500 and 200 thousand video cards, which gives them the opportunity to easily attack 51% on the Siacoin and Decred networks.

Based on these realities, Obelisk decided to release ASIC miners to protect Siacoin and Decred networks. Obelisk is committed not to sell more than 20% of ASIC machines in one hand and to control the market of its ASIC miners (on their website they promise not to sell more than 800 pieces in one hand from the first batch of 4000 pieces). It sounds, to put it mildly, not convincing …

Obelisk offers to order a choice of ASIC for SIA or DCR for $ 2,499 with delivery in June 2018. At the moment, orders for 2,000 pieces of SIA miners from 4,000 pieces of the first batch and 90 DCR miners from 4,000 pieces of the first batch are left.

It is important to understand that the devices are different, they have different chips and they can work only with one of the SIA or DCR currencies. The power of one device is compared with the purchase of 100 video cards, which in general looks similar to the truth.

Hashrate of devices 475+ GH / S for DCR and 300+ GH / S for SIA.

Obelisk promises to deliver the ASIC in June 2018 and provides a profit calculation for June 2018, taking into account that all 4,000 devices will be put into operation.

Consumption of one ASIC is promised in the region of 0.5 kW / hour. With an electricity price of $ 0.1 or 6 rubles per kilowatt, one ASIC will spend about $ 36 per month. For the month (June) according to the calculations of the creators, you will receive 27 DCR or 150,000 SIA, at the current exchange rate it is $ 800 and $ 555, respectively.

You should not hope that such a profit will be constant. The first moment: we do not know what will happen in June 2018, what is the rate and what hashrate of the SIA and DCR networks.

The second moment: Obelisk promises that 6 weeks after the delivery of the first batch of ASIC miners, they will not retail their devices, and you will be able to guarantee a return on some of their investments.

But! 6 weeks is not enough for a full payback … We have already touched on this topic in our material, “ASIC Profitability is Sinking”.

By the way, for $ 90 a month, you can leave your device in the hands of Obelisk, and they will place it in one of their Data Centers in the USA.

Maybe it’s better to just buy Bitcoin for these $ 2,499 and not wait for 8 months for the hypothetical ASIC from Obelisk?

Overview of the ASIC miner Pangolin Whatsminer DCR for Decred cryptocurrency mining

Overview of the ASIC miner Pangolin Whatsminer DCR for Decred cryptocurrency mining

Until today, Obelisk has been the leader in the production of ASIC miners for Decred cryptocurrency mining.

She supplied really productive devices at an attractive price.

However, Pangolin decided to enter the mining market Decred with its new ASIC miner Whatsminer DCR, which is able to completely break its competitors and generate unrealistically high profits!

What is Whatsminer DCR? What is its profitability and payback? Should I buy this ASIC miner? We will talk about all this in this article!

A Brief History of Pangolin Whatsminer DCR

On August 13, 2018, the Chinese company Pangolin introduced a new ASIC miner called Whatsminer DCR, sharpened for mining cryptocurrency Decred.

The company’s decision is quite justified, since Decred is a fairly promising cryptocurrency with low mining complexity. At the moment, several ASICs for its extraction are presented on the market – iBeLink DSM6T, Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster and Obelisk DCR1, which are unlikely to compete with Whatsminer DCR.

According to Pangolin’s official website, the first delivery of Whatsminer DCR will begin on November 20, 2018. Users can pre-order with payment both in dollars and in Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash. As of August 27, the price of the device is $ 3888, taking into account the power supply.

Now consider the specifications of ASIC:

  • The hash algorithm is Blake256R14;
  • Productivity – 44 TH / s;
  • Power Consumption – 2200 W;
  • Noise level a – 75 dB;
  • Weight – 5 kg;

Despite the fact that Whatsminer DCR is unrealistically noisy and gluttonous, it is the second most powerful device in the world, according to Asicminervalue. It is noteworthy, but the high power consumption and noise level are fully justified by the issued hashrate.

Profitability and return on investment Pangolin Whatsminer DCR

An impressive 44 TH / s can provide miners $ 75 per day ($ 83 excluding electricity), and this is a whopping $ 2,250 per month ($ 2,492 excluding electricity), as of the end of August 2018.

Considering the cost of an Asik at $ 4,000, many might think that it can pay off in less than 2 months. But not so simple.

As soon as the first delivery of Whatsminer DCR is completed, the mining complexity of Decred will increase at times, so it is best to rely on an average figure of $ 30-35, which is about 4 months of payback.

This is with the expectation that the rate of mined Decred will be relatively stable.

Whatsminer DCR first delivery will be guaranteed to bring good profits and allow owners to pay off as quickly as possible. It is worth noting that this ASIC will be popular for a maximum of 6-7 months, after which it will work “minus” or “zero”.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pangolin Whatsminer DCR

Among the key advantages, the following should be highlighted:

  • High performance;
  • Low price;
  • Mining of one of the most promising cryptocurrencies – Decred;

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this ASIC are a little more:

  • Low build quality of cases, boards and cables;
  • Bad reputation of the manufacturer (the latest Whatsminer M3 and M3X 4 months after the release turned out to be unprofitable);
  • High noise level – 75 dB, which is comparable to the sound of a sewing machine (for the device you need to allocate a separate room);

To summarize

Obviously, Pangolin is a fairly young player in the ASIC mining market, building ambitious plans for the future. In just 8 months of existence, the company introduced several interesting ASICs that are able to compete not only with Innosilicon and ASICminer, but also with the mining giant Bitmain.

In the absence of any force majeure situations on the market, Whatsminer DCR can bring decent profit to its owners. But it is always worth considering that absolutely any ASIC miner carries great risks, therefore, before buying, we recommend several times to weigh the pros and cons.

ASIC mining miner Decred Innosilicon D9: ASIC review and payback

ASIC mining miner Decred Innosilicon D9 ASIC review and payback

In April 2018, the Chinese company Innosilicon introduced the new Decred cryptocurrency mining ASIC miner model called Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster.

According to experts in the cryptocurrency sphere and developers, the device has great prospects, due to its high performance and relatively low price.

The combination of Innosilicon D9’s large hash rate and Decred’s rising price allows us to count on a quick payback on equipment. But more about everything.

Purpose and relevance of the Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster

ASIC Innosilicon D9 is mining a virtual Decred coin, which on May 19, 2018 is in 30th place in the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies and shows a rapid increase in the exchange rate. The cost of one coin is $ 108.6, and the capitalization is $ 776.7 million.

It is worth noting that in a few days, the Decred cryptocurrency rose to 3 positions, and within 24 hours its rate increased by 15%. Considering the general trend, from March 30, 2018, the price of DCR was another $ 36.

In less than 2 months, the value of a virtual coin almost tripled.

Current online schedule for Decred:

The Innosilicon D9 2.1 Th / s Decred Miner model is a development of a Chinese company that used new technologies to create an ASIC miner.

This ensures the reliability, stability and high performance of the device. The main advantage of the enterprise is the presence of a competent team of designers who make the right and inexpensive technical solutions.

As a result, the device turned out to be compact and with little energy consumption.

Features and Specifications of the Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster

The creators of the ASIC Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster note high performance (hash speed) – 2.1 TX / s. For the Decred cryptocurrency, which is well mined on video cards, this is a solid indicator. According to the manufacturer, the actual hash rate can vary in the range of +/- 8 percent.

The next feature is a low energy consumption of 0.9 kW, which guarantees low production costs and quick payback. BP efficiency at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius reaches 93%.

The device is based on the latest D9 DecredMaster ASIC chip (it provides high performance ASIC). Despite the presence of several coolers, the device is relatively quiet. It can be used in special rooms or at home (subject to placement in a separate room).

Asik Innosilicon D9 is small in size – 31x13x15.5 cm, which eliminates the difficulties with its placement, and net weight is only 3.6 kg. Connection is via an Ethernet connector.

The use of ASIC allows you to mine DCR with maximum profit, without experiencing discomfort from high noise levels and reducing energy consumption to a minimum. The device is on sale for about a month, and its delivery is carried out worldwide. The declared price of Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster is 6300 US dollars (as of May 19, 2018 according to information from the official website).

General Innosilicon D9 Features:

Hash rate2.1 TX / s
Power consumption0.9 kW
MicroprocessorD9 DecredMaster ASIC
Algorithmmodification of the Blake256 algorithm
Dimensions31x13x15.5 cm
Net weight3.6 kg
Network connectionEthernet
Work temperaturefrom 0 to 85 degrees Celsius

The device is equipped with its own power supply, which is configured for cryptocurrency mining. If you want to order a PSU with a power of 1.6 kW or more, you will need a new AC cable 3×1.0 (3 wires with a cross section of more than 1 mm).

The Benefits of DCR Mining and the Payback of Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster

Decred cryptocurrency has become a “breath of fresh air” for many miners who are disappointed with Bitcoin mining due to the high complexity and the need for high costs for the purchase of equipment.

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More recently, Decred mining was available using simple graphics cards, but with the advent of new ASICs (including Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster), the situation is changing.

With the increase in capacity in the cryptocurrency network, the complexity of coin mining also grows.

If in Bitcoin, the complexity increases once in 2016 mined blocks and changes taking into account the increase in the hashrate in the network, on Decred this parameter is adjusted every 6144 blocks. Moreover, an increase of 1% occurs. On average, complexity increases with a frequency of once every 23 days, which gives the miners a margin of time.

The DCR cryptocurrency itself has a number of advantages over competitors, which contributes to high demand:

  • Application of two proof of work protocols – PoW and PoS.
  • Better decentralization (compared to other virtual coins).
  • Availability of mining. Mining is possible using powerful GPUs, but with the new ASIC, you can count on getting super-profits.
  • The cryptocurrency network continues to be optimized, thanks to the participation of thousands of users. Unlike Bitcoin, the development of the system takes into account the opinion of all holders of a virtual coin.
  • The operation on the Decred network has time limits, which eliminates the hang of transactions. After a certain time, the funds are returned to the sender.
  • Dikred is compatible with the Bitcoin platform.
  • Atomic operations are provided, which allows you to change money without intermediaries.

This is only part of the benefits of DCR, but they are enough to understand the prospects and features of virtual currency. The pluses include the presence of a transaction signature using a special program, as well as a large selection of wallets.


When buying expensive equipment, it is important to consider the profit that it will bring today and in the future. We present the calculations for the Asos Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster on May 19, 2018.

When calculating, the electricity tariff for the capital of the Russian Federation (0.09 dollars) is used. As for the other parameters, they are automatically substituted by an online calculator. The calculation is carried out using the in-trend service.

biz / mayning / decred /. Pool commission – 1%.

To calculate the payback of D9 DecredMaster, you must specify:

Hardware Hashrate2.1 TX / s
Power consumption900 watts
Costs per 1 kWh of electricity0.09 dollars
Pool commissionone %

Net daily income is $ 91.29 and monthly income is about $ 2,740. This means that the device pays for itself in just 3 months (with the current settings). This profitability of the miner attracts users and provides high demand. By the way, due to the large number of orders, devices may not be on sale in the near future.

When calculating the payback, it is worth considering the dependence on the following parameters:

  • The complexity of the network. As noted, in Decred, this parameter grows gradually. But with an increase in capacity, production speed also increases. This means that revenue from the use of ASIC Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster will decrease. From January to May 2018, network complexity increased 10 times. In January, it was 435 TX / s, and today (May 19, 2018) this parameter is almost 6097 TX / s. Despite such an active increase in complexity, DCR cryptocurrency mining is still relevant.
  • Virtual coin rate. Current trends show that the DCR virtual coin is a great investment tool. In just 50 days, its rate almost tripled and on May 19, 2018, the growth trend continued. With an eye on the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, it can be argued that demand will only grow.
  • The cost of electricity. Given the relatively low energy consumption (only 0.9 kWh), we can talk about the economy of the new ASIC. At a cost of $ 0.09 per 1 kWh, and 24-hour operation of the equipment 30 days a month, the total cost will be about $ 60. Given the potential profit, this indicator is insignificant.
  • Cost of equipment. An increase in demand for Decred mining will inevitably lead to a shortage of miners and an increase in the price of Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster. That’s why you should not hesitate to buy equipment.

Configuring Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster

The principle of setting the miner is standard. First you need to find the IP address of the device, for which we enter the settings of the router (specify username and password). This is where users come across conflicting information. On the one hand, Innosilicon is the manufacturer of the ASIC, and on the other, the admin panel is made under the name DragonMint. There may be two reasons:

  1. DragonMint and Innosilicon have the same structure.
  2. Innosilicon has released many DragonMint devices and launched its own admin panel on them.

Login data for admin panel:

  1. Login is admin.
  2. Password is dragonadmin.

The following information is given in the admin panel – time, total hashrate, information on Decred cryptocurrency and other indicators. Pool settings are made in the Settings section. As of May 2018, the best solution is to connect to the coinmine pool.

pl, whose power is half the hash rate. In addition, its features include a large selection of cryptocurrencies and ease of use. First you need to go through registration, make your worker and copy the pool settings.

After this, the settings of the “worker” are copied in the admin panel of the miner, which restarts and proceeds to the extraction of coins. At the same time, power indicators should appear in the pool. Money is withdrawn to the Decred wallet, and the frequency of transfers is set in the settings.

Subtleties of the Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster Warranty

Immediately after ordering the goods are sent to the user. From the day of arrival, a manufacturer’s warranty for 6 months.

If difficulties arise in the use of equipment, the buyer is entitled to contact the support service on the official resource of the company (

If the user has not submitted a preliminary online application, the faulty device will not be accepted for free repair. Any damage in this situation is corrected at the buyer’s expense.

Miner Innosilikon D9 Decredmaster is not repaired under warranty in the following situations:

  • If it is damaged or disassembled by the owner.
  • When replacing parts.
  • In the event of an ASIC miner breakdown due to a lightning strike and a power surge in the household network.
  • With low quality of electricity (over or under voltage).
  • In case of moisture on the circuit board of the device or its other elements, which leads to corrosion.
  • Microprocessor burnout or board damage due to improper use.
  • Asic overheating due to excessive load.

In the presence of the mentioned factors or other force majeure circumstances, you will have to pay for the repair of the device from your pocket.

In general, the ASIC Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster is an excellent device that shows high profitability and quickly pays for itself (up to 3 months). But it’s worth the haste, because with the growth of complexity, the size of profit also decreases.

Asos Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster video review:


Mining SIA on hard drives: hardware, setup

Mining SIA on hard drives hardware, setup

Users have long been interested in alternative mining methods.

In 2014, the developers of Burstcoin, the cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology with the PoC (Proof-of-Capacity) algorithm of proof, which requires the use of free space on the HDD for the functioning of the system, were the first to occupy this niche. Now on the hard drives you can mine two more cryptocurrencies – SiaCoin and Storj.

Figure 1. Sia mining on a home laptop

Advantages of mining Siacoin SC on HDD:

  • relatively low cost of the main equipment;
  • low requirements for other components – the processor and the video card;
  • low energy consumption;
  • minimum heat dissipation;
  • compact devices;
  • ease of assembly and configuration.

But there are also negative aspects – the service life of hard drives is much lower, and, accordingly, their liquidity if it is necessary to replace old equipment with new one. Also, the reward for this type of mining is lower, as well as the cost of mined cryptocurrencies.

Mining Sia coin: GPU or HDD

The Sia platform is a kind of hybrid of the properties of Burst and Storj.

It combines the offer of renting space in the cloud with the ability to use free space on users’ hard drives.

To pay for services and pay remuneration, the platform uses the cryptocurrency SiaCoin (SC). It runs on its own blockchain and uses two consensus algorithms – PoW and PoC.

Figure 2. BLAKE hashing process

The profitability of this method will help to calculate the mining calculator Sia Coin:;;;;

Another way to get SC cryptocurrency is mining sia on hard drives, thanks to which the functionality of the cloud storage is provided. It is attractive to investors in that it requires minimal initial financial investment and knowledge. You can calculate the potential income depending on the prices set by the user on the website in the Tools section.

What you need to mine SiaCoin on HDD

Unlike the usual mining of cryptocurrencies using video cards, which is not efficiently solo and requires combining user equipment in the mining pool, SiaCoin mining on the HDD does not need to merge capacities. Each hard drive is added separately and works independently of the others. To create a small farm, you will not need either a separate room or a particularly powerful electricity network.

The hard drives on which you can mine SiaCoin are presented in a wide price range depending on size.

Table 1. HDD and prices.

TitleThe sizeCostThe cost of 1 GB
Seagate IronWolf ST12000VN000712 Tb333 euro0,028 euro
WD Gold WD121KRYZ12 Tb395 euro0,033 euro
Seagate Barracuda Pro 7200 ST12000DM000712 Tb369 euro0,03 euro
Toshiba X300 High-Performance5 Tb115 euro0,023 euro
Seagate Skyhawk ST6000VX00236 Tb147 euro0,025 euro
Seagate Archive HDD ST8000AS00028 Tb171 euro0,021 euro
Seagate Skyhawk ST8000VX00228 Tb190 euro0,024 euro
Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500 HTS545050A7E680500 GB30 euro0,06 euro
Toshiba P300 HDWD110UZSVA1 TB34 euro0,034 euro

Figure 3. HDD Seagate 12TB

When choosing a HDD for mining, you need to pay attention to its technical characteristics, compatibility with the processor and video card. The power consumption of all hard drives is almost the same, during use it is from 5 to 30 watts, depending on the speed of rotation, and in standby mode – up to 1 watts.

The main requirement for the device is the availability of a warranty from the manufacturer. Hard disks already have a limited service life of about 10,000 hours, so it is especially important to protect yourself from at least premature failure.

There is no point in using SSD drives, this significantly increases the cost of acquiring equipment. The best option is a regular HDD with a SATA interface.

How to configure SiaCoin mining on your hard drive: instructions

To start Sia mining on the free space of your HDDs, you need:

1. Download from the official site in the section “Core Software” a SiaUi-wallet suitable for the operating system installed on the computer – Windows, macOS or Linux.

Figure 4. Download wallet from the official website

2. Unzip the downloaded archive and run the sia-ui.exe file. The application does not require installation, so for convenience of further use, you can bring the shortcut of this file to the desktop.

3. Download the Sia blockchain – after the first launch, the program will be synchronized, the total size of the downloaded files will be about 6 GB. Information on the download progress is displayed in the upper right of the application window.

4. Create a Sia wallet, on which the received coins will be credited. To do this, go to the Wallet section, select Create a new wallet, then save the system’s proposed seed key to the wallet and password.

Figure 5. Creating an address, seed and password

5. Generate an address for receiving coins and after completion of synchronization replenish the account with at least 2,000 SC (about $ 50) – this is necessary for placing your equipment in the database. You can buy siakoin coins on one of the exchanges:,, A transaction usually takes about 10 minutes.

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Figure 6. The requirement to replenish the balance

6. Indicate the folder on the computer that will be transferred to the system for placing the tenants’ data, its size and its prices for the provision of these services. To do this, go to the Hosting section.

The minimum allowed size of the provided space is 35 GB, the recommended prices are from 50 SC for servicing 1 TB of space, from 200 SC per month for 1 TB, from 10 SC for using the Internet channel. The calculator will help calculate how much such a Siacoin mining will bring.

You also need to configure the maximum duration of use of the hard disk and the possibility of accepting contracts.

Figure 7. Cost setting

7. Announce your new host so that network users know about it and it becomes available for use. To do this, click the Announce button in the upper right corner. A small amount of coins will be debited from the account once as a payment for network services.

After customers rent the space provided, SiaCoin coins will be debited from the landlord’s account as collateral. They will be returned at the end of the contract in case of fulfillment of obligations and safety of client information.

In case of problems, you need to check the settings of the router. The system accesses the HDD through port 9982, which must be open on the lessor’s side. You can check the availability of your site on the Sia-Hub or Sia-Pulse card.

SC cryptocurrency mining income

For rough profitability calculations, you need to take the average values:

  • the cost of 1 TB of equipment is $ 30;
  • the cost of 1 kW of electricity is 0.05 dollars;
  • the total cost for 1 TB of equipment provided, including service and traffic, is 150 SC (about $ 3.75 at the rate of 1 SC = 0.025 USD).

Obviously, with 100% employment and such equipment cost, the payback period will be at least 8 months.

That is, having initially invested $ 1,000 in the purchase of HDDs (about 35 TB of space), under ideal conditions, you can get up to $ 130 profit every month. On average, 1 TB of hard drive memory consumes 8 watts per hour, which is 6 kW or $ 0.3 per month.

For a small farm with 35 TB, this amount will be just over $ 10. Given the projected growth rate of SC, Sia mining on HDD can be a highly profitable investment.

Figure 8. SiaCoin Market Dynamics

Prospects for HDD mining on the Sia platform


Bitmain unveils new miners for mining SiaCoin

Bitmain introduced a new ASIC miner based on the Blake (2b) algorithm for mining SiaCoin, which can now be ordered on their official website. Sending is carried out 10 days after payment of the order, which indicates the company’s complete readiness to issue ASICs on the new algorithm.

At the end of last summer, the pre-order for SelTech Obelisk SC1 miners was launched, which will go on sale only in spring, and those who pre-ordered the first announced ASIC device for Sia cryptocurrency will not receive the promised profit, but they have a great chance already Now diversify their collection of ASICs for Sia.

BitMain Antminer A3 Specifications:

  • Product Model: A3
  • Chip: BM1720
  • Hash Algorithm: Blake 2b
  • Total Chips: 180 
  • Total Blades: 3 Boards
  • Total speed: 815 GHS ± 5%
  • DC Input Voltage: 11.60 ~ 13.00 V
  • Constant power 12 V DC: 1186 W + 7%
  • 220 VAC efficiency at 25 ℃, conversion efficiency 93% APW3
  • Weight (without packaging): 4.2 kg
  • Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40-85 ℃
  • Noise: 76 dB
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Size (length * Width * Height, unpacked): 321 mm * 125 mm * 208 mm

Now is showing just the space daily profit of one such device.

Let’s look at the situation in a few weeks – how much the profit will change after the inclusion of miners in the network. Let’s hope that things will not be as deplorable as with D3 devices.

DragonMint B52 Blake2b Miner

The events around industrial mining SiaCoin (SC), it seems, recently they are gaining more momentum when it was announced the start of sales of the new BitMain Antminer A3 Blake (2b) ASIC, new information appeared from another ASIC manufacturer for the Blake2b algorithm. The DragonMint B52 Blake2b ASIC was announced in Hong Kong, a newcomer to the ASIC market, which looks promising, but shipments have not yet begun to speak more specifically.

The device they announced could be expected to produce about 3.

5 THS Blake2b at 1000 W – / + 8% with 135 chips, making it probably the most efficient miner for SiaCoin (SC) if they manage to secure what they promise, of course.

At the moment, you can join the waiting list for pre-ordering this device, this will allow you to get the latest news about the start of sales, delivery and other important information related to this device in time.

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Asik Miner DragonMint B29 – AsicTrade

Asik Miner DragonMint B29 - AsicTrade

Among the most popular hobbies of the 21st century, mining is one of the most honorable places. With the proper equipment, the extraction of electronic coins becomes an exciting and profitable process.

Every year, the requirements of crypto miners for mining “hardware” are becoming higher, so the manufacturers of such machines are trying to keep up with the times.

So, recently it became known that the Halong Mining company announced the upcoming release of a new Decic mining asic – DragonMint B29.

The DragonMint ASIC series is characterized by an original design.

About $ 30 million has already been deployed to research, develop, write software and other activities related to launching DragonMints on sale.

The production of such a device takes about 4 months, including the manufacture of silicone chips. The impressive characteristics of the miners from the company Halong Mining allow us to consider them asics of the new generation.

General information about the DragonMint B29 Blake256 device

This device uses the Blake256 algorithm in its work and is capable of issuing a hashrate of 2.1 Terrash per second.

DragonMint B29 can mine Decred and other cryptocurrencies compatible with this algorithm.

Thus, serious competition flares up around the Decred coin, because in the summer of 2018, the Obelisk DCR1 ASI miner is expected to be released, in addition, the Materia1 Decred ASIC device is being developed.

A small video has already appeared on the Web, on which DragonMint B29 is presented directly in the process. In this video you can also see the indicators that this ASIC miner demonstrates. Halong Mining’s Twitter account posted a screenshot of DragonMint B29 in early February.

Technical specifications DragonMint B29

Consider the parameters of this ASIC miner from Halong Mining:

hash rate: 2.1 terrash per second;

algorithm: Blake256;

power consumption level: 900 Watt;

voltage: 12 volts;

energy efficiency: 0.43 J / Gh;

noise work support: 70 dB;

number of fans: 2 pcs.;

Network Connection: Ethernet;

working temperature: 0 ° C-40 ° C;

humidity: 5-95%;

dimensions: 310 x 124 x 155 mm;

weight: 6 kg.

Warranty Terms

This equipment is covered by a warranty of up to 6 months (the principle of back to base is used). The indicated period starts from the moment when the Asik is handed over to the carrier for delivery. 

Warranty service is not provided in cases where there was an intervention in the operation of the device, including an attempt to disperse it, or the following cases occurred that damaged the ASIC:

liquid penetration;

power surges;

electric storms;

poor supply of electricity.


DragonMint B29 has already been named the most profitable “asik” for the Decred coin to date. High hash rate with rather low power consumption make this device attractive for a large number of beginners and professional crypto miners.


New and proven mining equipment

New and proven mining equipment

The Chinese Bitmain plant is the flagship manufacturer of ASIC miners. A large number of specialized devices operate directly on the and pools owned by Bitmain. In total, they have 36% of the bitcoin network hash.

Other ASIC factories are also gaining their share of miners. The main competitors are Baikal, HalongMining, Innosilicon. Competition contributes to the emergence of models on new algorithms.

This article discusses the main mining updates of June 2018, as well as the results of the first ASIC tests for Zcash.

Antminer Z9 mini review

The first deliveries of this unit were made at the end of June. At a cost of $ 2,600, taking into account the power supply and delivery, the Z9 mini hashrate is 10,000 Sol. Daily income reaches $ 16. With this indicator, the payback period of the Antminer Z9 mini is 163 days.

Innosilicon A9 review

The test of this ASIC for Zcash mining could be carried out a little earlier than the Z9 mini, since the first batch of Innosilicon A9 was released on June 10. With a hashrate of 40,000 Sol, the cost of the first batch of Innosilicon A9 was $ 6,000.

With a daily return of $ 68, the return on Innosilicon A9 looked much better than its competitor from Bitmain – 88 days.

Despite the fact that the declared capacity of 50,000 Sol is not true, this device is still the best ASIC for mining Equihash.

The same ASIC from the next batch will be released at a price of $ 10,000 without delivery. Payback periods even without taking into account the growth of the total network capacity will increase to 147 days. In the long term, the A9 innosilicon will still be more profitable than the Z9 antiminer.

Zcash vs Asik

As for the opposition to specialized equipment from cryptocurrency developers, Zcash executives said that this issue will be resolved only in October, and there will definitely not be a switch to other algorithms until the fall.

When ordering the above devices, you should take into account the fact that the profitability will fall every day and after a couple of months it will no longer exceed $ 10 per day.

Best Asic for Bitcoin mining – 320 Th / s

According to the company ASICminer, the use of a fundamentally new technology for the development of chips for mining will allow you to achieve incredible indicators of computing speed. The device was supposed to enter the market just at the beginning of June 2018.

The revolution was supposed to happen through the use of a chip measuring only 8 nm. Currently, ASIC devices have 16 nm chips.

It is very difficult to implement this concept hardwarely, as engineers are faced with problems related to physics.

The fact is that the theoretical lower limit of the chip size is approximately 3 nm, after which the tunneling effects of microparticles, which are not characteristic of classical mechanics, begin to appear. Quantum physics remains an unsolved problem on the way to 1 nm.

They decided to increase the hashrate of ASICminer 8 nano by programming, replacing certain functions of the hardware with code. How exactly is unknown. The following “facts” are known:

  1. One crystal contains 16384 hash kernels.
  2. In one device, 8 Nano Pro can accommodate from 389 chips.
  3. The power consumption of ASICminer 8 nano pro is 3.5 kW. For comparison, 3 Antminer S9 consume 4 kW.
  4. Liquid cooling with radiators is used, but there are still fans. Accordingly, the noise should be much less.
  5. The weight of one device is 48 kg.
  6. The price of ASICminer 8 nano pro is $ 4,500 for 38 Th / s. Shipment kind of like in August.
  7. Asik is assembled in the form of a panel.

There are three build options:

  • one panel with a hash rate of 38 Th / s;
  • four panels with a hash rate of 160 Th / s;
  • eight panels with a hash rate of 320 Th / s.

All this seems pretty unbelievable and very much like SCAM, that is, fraud. In fact, it is. But it is necessary to write about it, since it is still possible to order these “miracle asics.” In this case, the buyer will receive a valuable and very expensive lesson.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is the above-described development vector that will be decisive in mining. The first to overcome quantum physics will win the market. At the moment, Samsung has managed to achieve the highest performance in chip sizes, which should use the 7nm process technology. It is possible that Samsung may also begin to develop ASIC.

Let’s move on to more real asics for mining bitcoin.

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Overview of Innosilicon T2 Terminator

The device is a summer novelty, but did not make a stir in the crypto market. The daily profitability of T2 Terminator is only $ 1.5 per day. The better known Antminer S9 gives you $ 1.2 per day. The advantage in the speed of calculations was almost leveled due to the poor energy consumption indicators of the Innosilicon T2 Terminator – as much as 1570 W against 1320 W antminer.

  • The price of T2 Terminator is $ 1,080.
  • Price Antminer S9 – $ 700.

All other Bitcoin mining ASICs that have power below 14 Th / s have already gone to minus. Let’s move on to the latest mining on other algorithms.

IBeLink DSM6T Overview

This ASIC for the Blake256R14 algorithm could be tested in early June. The main coin mined by this machine is Decred. At the moment, the iBeLink DSM6T profitability reaches $ 24 per day with an energy consumption of 2100 W and hash 6 Th / s.

  • Price iBeLink DSM6T – $ 4,500 without delivery.

It is worth noting that the Decred coin uses a mixed PoW / PoS consensus algorithm.

IBeLink’s competitor is the Obelisk miner, DCR1. He also entered the open market in June, but has other characteristics:

  • Hashrate – 1.2 Th / s;
  • power consumption – 500 W;
  • profitability – $ 5;
  • the price is $ 2000.

Halong Mining company released its development for Blake256R14 in April, but Dragonmint B29 still shows a good profitability – $ 8 per day.

Universal Asic

A novelty in June was also a device from Baikal, called the BK-D. Baikal BK-D is designed for four algorithms:

  1. Blake256R14;
  2. Blake256R8;
  3. Lbry;
  4. Pascal

Such devices will appear more and more, while the number of algorithms will also grow. Now there are already devices for seven algorithms, like Baikal BK-X.

The cost of a universal Baikal BK-D ASIC is $ 2100 with an energy consumption of 1100 W. The maximum daily profit is $ 3 per day. As you can see, ASIC dual mining also has a place to be.

On this, the main innovations of ASIC mining at the beginning of summer end, but everything is already in anticipation of the first Antminer E3 tests.

ASIC mining equipment: what is it and how does the mining process change

ASIC mining equipment what is it and how does the mining process change

If you want to mine the main cryptocurrencies in 2018, you either need to join the mining pool, or mine yourself, but at the same time, you will definitely have to purchase hardware – ASIC.

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You not only need to use ASIC (or an equally powerful and efficient installation), but also buy it in a new state, because they age quickly.

What is an ASIC? This is a “special integrated circuit”, a special-purpose circuit. In fact, a small computer designed specifically for a limited set of processes.

 ASIC is a generic term such as a processor or GPU (it describes the processors used), it contains millions of components: microprocessors, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, and other important details. There are two types:

  • Full ASICS: they are configured from scratch for a specific application / task. All photolithographic layers of this integrated circuit are already fully defined, there is no room for modification during manufacture.
  • Semi-synchronous ASIC: they are partially configured to perform various functions in one sphere, they can be modified.

ASIC contains such a chip that is ultra-specialized in one set of processes (in this case, cryptocurrency). An ASIC miner usually consists of a chip, power supply, fan, and mining software.

Several asics are combined in a mining rig, in our place it is usually called a farm.

One asic for several currencies?

Miners will be tuned for certain coins, but more precisely, tuned to the mining algorithm. Simply put, any miner that uses SHA256 bitcoin encryption, such as Antminer, can mine other currencies based on SHA256:

ASIC manufacturers

You can buy ASIC from 30 manufacturers who have anyway declared themselves. The most popular are the 5 following items:


  • The largest manufacturer of equipment for bitcoin mining,
  • The most efficient mining
  • Three months warranty
  • Usually sold on pre-order,
  • Can use proprietary technology,
  •  8–14 TH / s, depending on model


  • According to reviews, the most stable bitcoin miner,
  • Avalon controller for up to 4 people on the same network
  • Generally in stock,
  • price of $ 700,
  • Guarantee,
  • Less effective than the previous one.
  • 7.3 TH / s.


  • Well-known mining company,
  • It is famous for the combination of stability and efficiency,
  • Usually out of stock, quickly sold,
  • Price $ 700–1100,
  • From 6.3 TH / s to 9 TH / s.


  • There are no options for individuals
  • Mine with BIP148 (UASF),
  • ~ 1 million dollars per unit,
  • Additional developments,
  • 0.2 J / Gh


Designing an ASIC miner is possible, but you need to not only deal with software (or assemble pre-programmed software), but also assemble hardware.

The Chili – homemade asic on BFL chip

Homemade asic is important for the decentralization of mining with the current centralization in China and the uncertainty of laws in this jurisdiction.

In general, you can buy ASIC chips and make your own ASICs (some did it when the ASICs were fairly new, now the chip manufacturers mainly sell the complete kit, Innosilicon remains, and the rest are almost extinct).

However, designing a reliable system requires experience and practice: you cannot just buy a motherboard and place an ASIC chip. You need to choose software, manufacturers are also not in a hurry to publish specifications. Power, cooling and housing are already more familiar.

But it is believed that buying unprocessed ASIC chips and creating their own devices from them is probably almost impossible and useless, since the really worthwhile technology is the design and implementation of the ASIC chip, rather than the cost of related electronics.

Theoretically, the development of an ASIC chip from scratch or from blocks available on the Internet can be done, but there are a lot of nuances that need to be taken into account: IP licenses, all interfaces and backend design, silicone, packaging, test program. We are talking about ten million dollars for ASIC in the latest technology. You can work this out as a hobby, but it’s unlikely that you can solder something competitive at home.

Coins for such mining

Coins for mining are selected according to the algorithm. Each ASIC miner comes with installed programs for a certain type. Which cryptocurrency is mined on asics, thus, is determined by the hashing algorithm.

  • SHA256 for mining Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Peercoin, LitecoinCash. Suitable models: BITMAIN Antminer S9 and Antminer S11, WhatsMiner M3, DragonMint 16T, Ebit E10, AvalonMiner 821, BitFury B8 16NM, Innosilicon T2 Terminator
  • Scrypt supports Litecoin, Dogecoin coins. ASIC models for mining on this algorithm: Antminer L3 +, Innosilicon A4 + and 6, BW L21.
  • X11 for Dash and similar coins is supported by models: Baikal Giant X10 (works with several algorithms), Antminer D3, X11 Miner DR-100, iBeLink DM11G, A5 + DashMaster, Innosilicon A5 DashMaster.
  • Ethash is used in ETH and on the coins of its blockchain. There are several ASICs for the ether standard: Antminer G2, Bitfily GPU Miner E3, Antminer E3.
  • CryptoNight uses Monero, Bytecoin and other anonymous cryptocurrencies. There are ASICs for this algorithm, although XMR is struggling with their influence. These are Baikal Giant-N, Antminer X3, Innosilicon A8 + CryptoMaster, PinIdea RR-200 (+ support Cryptonight-light for Aeon).
  • Blake2b is known as the algorithm for mining SiaCoin and Nano. The official ASIC from SIA is Obelisk. But Antminer A3, Baikal Giant-B 14NM, DragonMint B52, Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster are also suitable.
  • Blake256r14 is supported by Decred. Baikal Giant-B 14NM (also supports Blake256r8), Dragonmint B29, D9 DecredMaster, iBeLink DSM6T are suitable for it.
  • Myriad-Groestl and Skein (DigiByte, Nexus, Quark and others) mine Baikal Giant X10 (this ASIC supports several algorithms at once, including Quark, Qubit, Nist5).
  • Native LBRY algorithm is supported by Baikal Giant-B 14NM.

ASIC protected cryptocurrency

Resistant to ASIC mining are:

  • VTC
  • ETH
  • XMR,
  • GRS,
  • FTC
  • ETN,
  • AEON,
  • Btcz,
  • DMD
  • NAV.

The whole idea of ​​the blockchain is that it is completely decentralized, which means that there is no single power and control over anything. For such a technology, the danger of hacking arises only when one person has more than 50% of the hash power.

Asics for the extraction of cryptocurrencies, some consider the evil of centralization. The history of cryptocurrency mining began with the Bitcoin SHA256 algorithm. Litecoin Scrypt followed, then came X11 for Dash and Ethash for Ethereum. The main reason for the change is to confront hardware such as ASIC and FPGA.

So there were cryptocurrencies protected from asic mining.

Is the protection real?

Since the release of ASIC for Ethereum, most regular users are looking for other coins for mining on GPUs. Vitalik’s reaction to ASIC implementation didn’t help either, as ordinary people are crowded out by large farms.

Bitmain challenge the community and issue ASICs for most ASIC-resistant coins. First was Dash – the coin is based on X11, which was supposed to be ASIC resistant (in X11, the number 11 indicates different algorithms connected together).

After that, Bitmain released the ASIC for Ethereum, which was promoted as sustainable – an algorithm that requires a large amount of memory theoretically makes it difficult for anyone to use it with anything other than a GPU. But this did not stop the manufacturer. Ethereum ASICs are cheaper and easier to configure and use.

Resistance ASIC leads Ethereum to implement the PoS consensus algorithm and to abandon mining.

All of the above means that there is probably no static algorithm that can turn out to be 100% ASIC-protected. Coin developers such as the Monero team have concluded that the only way to counter this is to regularly modify the hash algorithm to make existing ASICs obsolete.

Monero recently forked, with about 30% of the network hash lost. This is connected with two main nuances: broken botnets and Bitmain CryptoNight, obsolete for Monero mining.

This undermined Bitmain’s reputation a bit as its promised profitability declined. The equipment began to fly out every half hour and restarted.

Sustainability and price

The lower the hash of the network, the less coins are mined, they become scarce. This can lead to higher coin prices. For example, the XMR rose from 38 XMR / BTC to 40.8 XMR / BTC on the day of the fork.

Recently, ASIC-resistant coins have been growing. This may not be the main reason why the price of a coin rises, but a correlation can be seen.

Thus, ordinary people can ideologically support a coin that is resistant to development through asic. Then the value of the network will increase.

Personally, I believe that ASIC-resistant power is the future for GPU fees; or at least if the trend continues and investors continue to be interested in these coins.

By stable ASIC, I mean coins that actively oppose the development of ASICs. Great examples are Monnero and Ravenkoin.

Again, while Ethereum is architecture-resistant ASIC, some of its core developers don’t really care about the mining community, which means that most of the network’s hash network will probably be in the hands of ASIC owners until then while the coin switches to PoS, of course.

Here are two main reasons ASIC-resistant coins could be the future for GPU development:

Higher price:
As discussed earlier, in the near future we can see a price increase for ASIC-resistant coins, which, of course, means more profit for those who mine them.

Lower difficulty:
Another reason to use them is that these coins will look more like an acceptable hash network. Having developers in an active anti-ASIC position is likely to keep the coin safe from any specialized equipment.

What do you think?

Is it possible for miners to collect their farms or switch to ASIC? With sufficient start-up capital, you can buy a Baikal miner at discounts (they sold 5 at a price of 1 in April) or order Bitmain, which also reduced prices (from $ 11,800 (lot 1) to $ 1,900 (lot 4) in about two months) .

If you are mining on a GPU and do not want to compete with specialized equipment, pay attention to actively resisting coins.

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