As soon as iBelink DM11G was called: “the fastest mining device in the world”, “million miner” and “million million rubles” miner, “revolutionary solution” for Dash and many other expressive epithets. According to theoretical calculations, the equipment, which in the middle of 2017 on the manufacturer’s website cost 4888 dollars, could pay […]

If you want to know how to choose, the risk associated with mining ethereum with ASIC and features read this post. Attention to cryptocurrency is growing every day. More and more people are investing in equipment and are beginning to understand mining. Today we will talk about the choice of ASIC for […]

Find out all the vital information that you need to have on ASIC for litecoin Mining – Antminer L3 + and Ashik A4. Bitcoin is considered the leading cryptocurrency. But soon promising LTC can take the lead. The coin has significant potential and ASIC for mining Litecoin can bring quick profits. The concept […]

Overview Bitmain Antminer E3 – the reaction of the crypto community, Vitalik Buterin and other Ethereum developers, ASIC specifications, price and reasons for its jumps, whether to buy. Mining of popular cryptocurrency on video cards has long lost its relevance. The more expensive the asset, the more members of the network […]

Small compact USB miners are a good choice if you want to get cryptocurrency just for fun. It is difficult to call USB ASIC Miner a powerful cryptocurrency mining equipment, but there are some advantages in buying a miniature miner. You can experiment with mining forks. They do not bring substantial profit, however, […]

The name of the Raven marker is translated from English as “raven”. The raven is not just a bird; in different cultures it is also a very significant symbol that denotes transformation. Ravencoin cryptocurrency is a bitcoin hardfork, and perhaps the developers wanted to give their brainchild just such a value. Ravencoin […]

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