ASRock Z690 motherboard prices revealed. How much will we pay for the new MOBO generation?

Even if you do not believe the unofficial release date of the new Intel processors and motherboards with the Z690 chipsets, you have to admit that more and more leaks with pricing and specific models in the lead role are a bit suggestive. Today, for example, prices of ASRock Z690 motherboards have leaked.

Amazon has revealed prices for ASRock Z690 motherboards

This time, the account is responsible for the leak from the British Amazon momomo_us from Twitter, while the photos are from Videocardz. Together, they reveal as many as eight boards with the Z690 chipset planned by ASRock, the prices of which range from £ 172.5 to £ 627.55, i.e. from PLN 950 to PLN 3500 after tax in Poland (20 vs 23%).

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The cheapest model is the Z690M Phantom Gaming 4 for DDR4 in mATX format, which costs £ 207.15 in the DDR5 version and £ 213.5 in the traditional ATX for DDR4. No wonder, because the price of laminate production has recently increased.

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The mid-range is boosted by the Z690 Phantom Gaming Riptide DDR4 (£ 240), the Z690 Steel Legend DDR4 (£ 280) and the Z690 Extreme DDR5 (£ 306), and the highest is the Z690 Phantom Gaming Velocita DDR5 (£ 457) and the Z690 Taichi DDR5 (£ 627). ). The most expensive model, however, will certainly be the Z690 Aqua, which will be revealed later.