Asus lists 5 motherboards with A520 chipset on its website, cheap alternatives are coming for Ryzen

Although we have been hearing rumors of B550 and A520 for a while, for now AMD announced only B550, implying that A520 would not see the light. However, new Asus listings rekindled the rumors, as 5 motherboards with this chipset appear on its page.

These five models are listed on their support page, a common source of leaks as they list models before launch, and are as follows:

  • PRIME A520M-A
  • PRIME A520M-E
  • PRIME A520M-K

Apparently, they are all M-ATX models and are divided into the Prime and TUF Gaming lines, without the presence of the Strix line, since they are cheap models. With the launch of the new Ryzen 3 3100 for US $ 99, these motherboards along with one of these processors will undoubtedly allow you to build gaming PCs for little money, something that comes in handy with the current economic situation.

For now it is not known when we will have official news about motherboards with this chipset, although its appearance could indicate that it will not be long.

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Are you interested in these A520 motherboards?